The plot of the Korean War movie “Taegeukgi Fly”

The plot of the Korean War movie “Taegeukgi Fly”

June, 1950. “Jin-tae” (Jang Dong-gun), who lives hard to make a living for his family on Jongno Street in Seoul, always leads a lively and bright life to marry his fiancee “Young-shin” (Lee Eun-joo) and to go to college for his younger brother “Jin-seok” (Won-bin), whom he values most in the world.

One day in June, Seoul, which had been at peace with the spread of appeals for a war on the Korean Peninsula, quickly becomes filled with sirens, explosions and people’s screams.
Thus, Jin-tae, who decided to flee to the south, joins numerous evacuation marches with the spirit and his family, but is caught up in a huge whirlwind of fate in Daegu Station, where he arrives to take the evacuation train.
At the age of 18, Jin-seok was forced to climb a military train by soldiers, and Jin-tae, who jumped on the train to retrieve Jin-seok, was also conscripted and put on a military train.

“Jin-tae” and “Jin-seok,” who have been driven to the bloody battlefield in their daily lives, will be deployed to the Nakdong River defense line, the last bastion of the Korean armed forces, without even having time to be trained, and “Jin-tae,” who is assigned to a platoon like his brother, will meet with a battalion commander to relieve his younger brother’s conscription.
After meeting with the battalion commander, Jin-tae, who realized what was best he had to do for his brother’s discharge, claimed to be a hero, above all else, with a gun for his brother’s survival.
The South Korean military, which succeeded in guarding the Nakdonggang River defense line with its brilliant track record of “Jintae,” finally begins its northward march after hearing that the Incheon Landing Operation was successful.
Realizing that Jin-tae, who is becoming a war hero only for his brother’s survival without any patriotic ideology or democratic ideology, and Jin-seok, who realized that he could survive only when he was strong by himself through the war, won numerous battles and was headed to Pyongyang, where an unthinkable trap of fate awaited his brothers.

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