It didn’t sound like the big club of Manchester United on Bruno SNS

It didn’t sound like the big club of Manchester United on Bruno SNS

It didn’t sound like the big club of Manchester United on Bruno SNS.


Manchester United ace Bruno Fernandez, 26, left a bitter comment on SNS. At the same time as reflecting on his performance, he also sent a message to his teammates.

Fernandez said on her personal SNS account on Thursday (Korea time). If we are to represent the big club, we have to show better performance. In particular, we have to do better to compete with strong teams in the Champions League,” he stressed. He also posted a picture of himself with his head down.

United were recently eliminated from the Champions League group stage. He couldn’t make it to the round of 16 if he added one point. He slipped to the Europa League after suffering a shock defeat in the final match.

Manchester United lost 2-3 to RB Leipzig, the final match of Group H of the 2020-2021 European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) held at Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany on the 9th. He finished third in the group 메이저사이트

The fifth round was the beginning of the tragedy. United cruised to Game 4 with three wins and one loss. On the Paris expedition, he started off in a good mood, defeating PSG 2-1. He brought Leipzig home for a 5-0 victory. He allowed a 1-2 strike in the away game of Ba샥sh셰ehir, but returned 4-1 at home.

However, the team suffered a 1-3 defeat to PSG on its home turf in the fifth rounding out the cracks. Still, it was fine to have a draw with Leipzig at the end. As soon as the game began, Manchester United dedicated the first goal in two minutes. Eleven minutes later, he gave up an extra goal and was dragged 0-2. In the 24th minute of the second half, he lost again and sat down completely. It wasn’t until five minutes before Fernandez scored a goal. Two minutes later, thanks to Leipzig’s own goal, he followed 2-3 and avoided disgrace.

Manchester United, demoted to the Europa League, is also struggling in the Premier League. He remains in sixth place with six wins, one draw, three losses and 19 points. Recently, the mood has been in disarray as the main midfielder Paul Pogba said he wants to leave the team through an agent. Under these circumstances, Fernandez openly spat out bitter words on social media. It is interpreted that he urged not only himself but also the entire team to work harder.

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