Tottenham MF Lost Its Position With Medison Joined

Tottenham MF Lost Its Position With Medison Joined

Tottenham MF Lost Its Position With Medison Joined


Real Betis will seek to recruit Giovanni Lo Celso during the transfer market in January.

British media “Team Talk” quoted Spain’s “As” as saying, “Betis is still interested in Lo Celso and will once again approach him during the January transfer market.”

Lo Celso is an Argentine midfielder. The attacking midfielder is the main position and has a versatile aspect in both offense and defense, so he can play a variety of roles from front-line strikers to defensive midfielders. As a South American, he stood out as a playmaker due to his good foot skills and basic passing power and good visibility.

He entered the European stage in 2016. France’s “giant” Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) highly appreciated Rosselso’s ability and recruited him from Argentina. It was a PSG full of superstars, but Rochelso received quite a few opportunities. He played in 48 games, including the 2017-18 Cup tournament, scoring six goals and seven assists, and his playing time easily exceeded 2,000 minutes.

However, he has not established himself as a solid starting pitcher. In the end, he lost his position in the 2018-19 season and left for Betis in Spain’s La Liga. Life in Spain was good. He immediately became the starting pitcher and led the team with 16 goals and 6 assists in 45 games including the Cup tournament.

Thanks to this performance, he headed to Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham, looking for a replacement for Christian Eriksen, have selected Rosselso as the right man. That’s how he took on a new challenge in the Premier League (PL). But life in England was not easy. Lo Celso rarely adjusted and his position decreased over the season. In the 2021-22 season, he was reduced to a resource other than power and left for Villarreal in the second half. Ro Celso returned to Tottenham ahead of this season, with 51 games, three goals and four assists remaining in one and a half seasons 파워볼사이트

There was room for a rebound. Coach Enze Postecoglou, who took the helm, considered using Lo Celso. However, with the addition of James Madison, Lo Celso was completely out of the main competition. Two games this season, including a cup tournament. He has only played 61 minutes.

Rumors of a transfer were linked to this. It was approached by Lo Celso and Betis, who have good memories. In fact, Betis was also interested in recruiting Lo Celso last summer. The transfer has not been made, but interest remains the same and plans to seek his recruitment once again during the winter transfer market.

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