It really hurts Shohei Ohtani 170km laser hit

It really hurts Shohei Ohtani 170km laser hit

It really hurts Ohtani 170km laser hit


Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) resumed hit production a day after silence and completed the multi-base game.

Otani started as the second designated hitter in the 2023 Major League (MLB) away game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens’ Bank Park (38,142 spectators) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the 29th (Korea Standard Time), and played one hit and one walk in four at-bats.

Otani recorded four consecutive hits from the first game of the doubleheader against Cincinnati on the 24th, and then remained silent with no hits and two strikeouts in four at-bats against the New York Mets the previous day (28th). In particular, in the match against the New York Mets on the 27th, he was very active with two hits and two walks in three at-bats, so the silence of the previous day was regrettable. However, he proved his presence by hitting again that day.

Above all, it is surprising that he is showing a good blow even when his elbow hurts. Otani started as a starting pitcher in the first game of the doubleheader against Cincinnati on the 24th and pitched only 1⅓ innings before coming down the mound on his own, complaining of elbow pain. The LA Angels later said, “Ottani will not be able to play as a pitcher for the rest of the season due to a ruptured UCL on the inner side of his right elbow.” However, Otani continues to play as a batter and continues to rage.

At the top of the first inning, leadoff hitter Nolan Shanyuel got on base with a hit ball, and Otani took his first at-bat. Otani watched one ball outside the first pitch and just sent a low ball toward the body for the second pitch. Opposition pitcher Taihuan Walker’s control did not seem to listen. Ohtani missed the ball that fell low toward his body for the third pitch. The fourth ball is a foul. In ball count 2-2, Otani asked for a moment. Otani came back to bat after lightly expressing his gratitude to the referee. He then hit a 92.7-mile (149.1km) four-seam fastball for the fifth pitch with a regular hit, creating a fast-paced heavy hit. According to the Major League Baseball’s official website, Game Day, the batting speed was so strong that it reached 106.1 miles (170.7 km).

Ohtani then took his second at-bat as the leadoff hitter in the top of the third inning. Otani picked out a low ball on the outside of the first pitch and hit the ball that fell outside for the second pitch, but retreated with a fly ball to center field.

Ohtani faced his third at-bat in the fourth inning. In the absence of a runner with two outs, Randall Grichik got on base with a straight walk, and Shanuel hit a right-handed double to take a second and third base opportunity. Next up is Otani. Walker didn’t give a good ball again this time. A ball that falls out of both the first and second pitches. The third pitch was a low-falling ball. In the end, the Philadelphia bench ordered an automatic intentional four balls as they were driven to an unfavorable 3-0 ball count. He seemed to have decided that there was no need to deal with Ohtani when the first base was empty. It was Otani’s 19th automatic ball of the season. He avoided Otani, but the next batter Drury hit a timely two-run left-center hit. In other words, the Philadelphia bench took a shot.

Otani stood at bat for the fourth time in the top of the sixth inning when his team was leading 5-3. The opposing pitcher was replaced here. Starter Walker went down and Matt Stram took the mound. Against Ohtani, he threw outside balls in both the first and second pitches and then put in a strike for the third pitch for the third time. The fourth pitch was a foul following a high fastball. He then missed the bat on a high ball toward his body for the fifth pitch and struck out a foul tip.

Otani entered his fifth at-bat in the top of the eighth inning when his team was trailing 4-5, without a runner with two outs. The opposing pitcher is Gregory Soto, a bullpen resource. Otani hit Soto’s first pitch and made a grounder in front of the pitcher and sprinted to first base, but was out by a hair’s breadth

Philadelphia scored two more runs in the fifth inning to turn the game around 5-3. With one out and runners on first base, Turner drew a two-run arch over the left fence. The Angels hit Moniac’s left-center timely hit at first and third bases in the seventh inning, but that was it. Rather, Philadelphia added another run in the eighth inning to seal the victory. After leadoff hitter Bom got on base with a left-center double, Marsh hit a timely hit to the right after one out. In the end, the game ended with a 4-6 loss by two points.

The Angels marked 63-69 with two consecutive losses, further moving away from autumn baseball. It ranks fourth in the American League West. Philadelphia, on the other hand, recorded 73 wins and 58 losses with four consecutive wins. He is second in the National League East and first in the wild card

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