Cho Kyu Sung in two months connected to Jeno

Cho Kyu Sung in two months connected to Jeno

Cho Kyu Sung-sung in two months

Cho Kyu Sung

Cho Kyu-sung was connected to Jeno.

Italy’s “Kakao Online” recently, “How about soccer players with Korean national nationality?”It is possible in soccer.The main character is Cho Kyu-sung.Cho Kyu-sung, who led by coach Robert Manchester United, led by coach Robert Manchester United, led by coach Robert Manchester United, led by coach Robert Mandela.

He then joined the U.S. “25 killer left Jeonbuk Hyun-sung and joined the U.S.He is the front-line striker and can play in front of the right side.Cho Kyu-sung is interested in Big League.Jenna will provide the experience.Currently, Cho Kyu-sung has a long-term contract with Miranda.However, his transfer fee will not exceed 500 million euros (about 71 billion won).He added that the possibility of transfer potential.”

Cho Kyu-sung left Jeonbuk this summer.Cho Kyu-sung, who debuted in FC Ahn Jung-sung, scored 14 goals in 33 games and scored 14 goals in 33 games.It turned out to work out of a huge presence, and moved to Jeonbuk.And Cho Kyu-sung joined Kimcheon, who joined Kimcheonji, and began military uniforms ahead of the 2021 season.As the period, it was upgraded to a striker with more powerful striker.

In particular, Cho Kyu-sung scored a score of 17 goals in Kimcheonji and Jeonbuk (the return) at the time of the 2022 season.In 2016, foreign players swept the first place in the K League 1 stage scoring 1 stage scoring 1st place, and residents in 2021.And after Cho Kyu-sung, followed the next year, followed by Cho Kyu-sung.The performance in the team’s team naturally led to the national team

Cho Kyu-sung played a debut in September 2021.And last year, scored his debut goal in January last year.Afterwards, he received a call of Paulo Bento’s call to the representative team.And the 2022 International Football Federation (FIFA) Qatar World Cup stage, which was held in November last year.

And he played life in the second round of the group with Ghana.At that time, Cho Kyu-sung shook the goal of the 13th minute of the second half when he was dragged into the header.It wasn’t the end here.After three minutes, Kim Jin-soo finished with a high header.The game was lost, but meaningful record.Cho Kyu-sung became a player who scored multi- goals in the World Cup finals

Many teams expressed attention to Cho Kyu-sung expressed attention to Cho Kyu-sung.European clubs, such as self-confidence, mind and mind were mentioned as candidates.But there was no end.Jeonbuk wanted to catch Cho Kyu-sung until this summer.Cho Kyu-sung accepted his intention of Jeonbuk.

However, the beginning of the 2023 season showed somewhat disappointing.Above all, the injured problem.Cho Kyu-sung reported the first goal in the K League 1st round, but did not see the goal for a while.In the aftermath of injury, only six games, and only scored one goal.

Fortunately, the game began to survive in summer.Cho Kyu-sung scored a header goal in the second half of the 16th round of the league with Ulsan Hyundai.Afterwards, he added three goals and added three goals.In the first round of the K League 1st round of the K League 1st round, and added to the team 2-1 victory.

The game with Seoul has become a high school game of Cho Kyu-sung.At that time, Jeonbuk will end the operation of the club, “JEONG Sung Sung-sung will end the operation with Jeonbuk.I hope that there is aura walking path like now, and memories of the challenges built here, and memories built here.Thank you. I official announcement.

And the news of the transfer news was reported.Mi-Welan has recruited Cho Kyu-sung through the club website of July.The contract period was official announced that it will be 2028 and summer.The same number was going to run 10 times.

At that time, Mattan Sports directory Ben Graham, “We showed attention to Cho Kyu Sung-sung showed attention to Cho Kyu-sung.He is a perfect striker.We also share the same ambition.Cho Kyu wants to prove himself in Europe.Currently, our goal is to combine Cho Kyu-sung.And I evaluated that we should compete with other strikers.”

Cho Kyu-sung has another opportunity to enter Europe after joining U.S., but I think it is the best decision to enter Europe.This team worked very hard to recruit me.I’m sure that it is correct.”

In addition, Cho Kyu-sung played with many foreign players.And always kept good relationships with them.I know how important it’s a good combination with players when I transferred to overseas team.I am an external and social characteristic.I thought it’s important to be close with teams, and I wanted to know them quickly.”

However, “I showed good performance on the World Cup stage, and I received a lot of attention.But now the World Cup ended.I’m time to prove me in the game and games.That’s my motivation and expectations are expected.I wanted to prove myself in Europe.”

Cho Kyu-sung began to show the existence of overseas advance.Cho Kyu-sung caught a chance to debut on the 22nd last month.Denmark has started to start the first round of the 2023-24 season.And Cho Kyu-sung scored the final goal of the 11th minute.I succeeded in making a strong impression to fans with his debut goal.

It wasn’t the end here.Cho Kyu-sung continued the scoring spoiler.In the second round of the team, scored the second goal in the second round of the team.In the third round of the third round, despite the defeat of the U.S. failed to win the second half of the second half of the U.At the same time, Cho Kyu-sung’s third consecutive games

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