Johnwick manager Lance Reddick died…Keanu Reeves

Johnwick manager Lance Reddick died…Keanu Reeves

Johnwick manager Lance Reddick died…Keanu Reeves “I miss you so much.”

 Lance Reddick

Actor Lance Reddick has passed away ahead of the release of the movie “John Wick 4.” He was sixty years old.

According to local media in the British and American areas such as CNN and BBC on the 17th (local time), LanceReddick died at his home that day. The specific cause of death is unknown, but the spokesman explained that it is presumed to be a natural death. LanceReddick is on a promotional tour of “John Wick 4” and was also scheduled to appear on NBC’s “Kelly Clarkson Show.” However, due to the sudden sad news, the promotion schedule for “John Wick 4” was temporarily suspended.

LanceReddick, who debuted in 1996 with the Fox drama “New York Undercover,” has starred in films such as “Emergency Room,” “Way of War,” “Bridget,” “White House Down,” “Oldboy,” “John Wick,” “Two Women,” “The Wire” and “Fringe.” Among them, he is known as a well-known Hollywood actor in Korea through the “John Wick” series.

Keanu Reeves, who shared the “John Wick” series with the sad news of Lance Reddick’s death, expressed his condolences. Keanu Reeves said in a joint statement with director Chad Stahelski, who directed “John Wick 4,” “We lost our beloved friend and colleague, Lance-Reddick. It’s sad and heartbreaking. Lance-Reddick enjoyed working together as a competent actor. Our hearts will be with his family. We will miss Lance-Reddick very much,” he said.

“LanceReddick was a perfect and dedicated actor,” The Wire producer David Simone said in a statement. Lovely friend,” he mourned. In addition, many Hollywood actors, production officials, and staff paid tribute to LanceReddick.

Meanwhile, ‘John Wick 4’, which became a posthumous work of Lance Reddick, is set to be released worldwide next month.

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