Lee Seo-jin, president of “Seojin’s,” changes his real anger by five levels.

Lee Seo-jin, president of “Seojin’s,” changes his real anger by five levels.

Lee Seo-jin, president of “Seojin’s,” changes his real anger by five levels.

Lee Seo-jin

Lee Seo-jin, who became the president of “Seojin’s,” showed five levels of anger.

On tvN’s “Seojin’s,” which aired on the 17th, employees started a new day after a sweet break. Contrary to President Lee Seo-jin’s idea of expecting as many customers as the weekend, the quiet hall was compared.

On the third day of business, there were even waiting customers, creating a flood of visitors. There was a crisis that we could not receive orders because we ran out of ingredients.

Park Seo-joon, who cooked various menus and was active all-weather, said, “I should go home tomorrow. He also expressed his willingness to quit, saying, “I can’t do this.”

V also said, “I’m going to Korea. “This is a fraud contract,” said Choi Woo-sik, an intern, “Why does it seem harder than ‘UNSTE’?”

On the other hand, Lee Seo-jin, who settled his daily sales, reported the successful achievement of his target sales of 10,000 pesos in just three days of business.

On the fourth day of business after a day off, the confident president and worried employees were mixed. Lee Seo-jin, who realized the seriousness of sales with only two tables of customers, was belatedly anxious.

During break time, Lee Seo-jin ordered Choi Woo-sik to distribute flyers. When Choi Woo-sik returned to the store and explained the relatively quiet outside situation, Lee Seo-jin became disappointed. 메이저놀이터

When asked by the production team, “How do you think it will be today?” Lee Seojin showed discomfort. Lee Seojin went through five stages of anger in the order of denial, anger, maximum anger, compromise, and depression, and even took the sixth stage of relief after hearing that V drank one more glass than fruit juice sales.

Whether Lee Seo-jin, who has been heartbroken by sluggish sales, will be able to recover his emotions can be confirmed in the broadcast on the 24th.

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