Smuggling Park Jung-min gained up to 10kg and 80kg

Smuggling Park Jung-min gained up to 10kg and 80kg

Smuggling Park Jung-min gained up to 10kg and 80kg for the sailor’s body

Park Jung-min

Actor Park Jung-min said he gained weight for Jang Do-ri’s character.

Actor Park Jung-min, who is about to release the movie “Secretary” (director Ryu Seung-wan), had an interview with Sportv News in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, on the morning of the 24th and told various stories about the movie.

On this day, Park Jung-min said about character preparation, “I talked the most with the director. Rather than preparing it separately, I had that thought the most. Among the characters here, Jang Do-ri is the character who can make the director’s speech taste better. “I thought I should do what the director told me to do well with the unique nuances that the director has,” he said.

At first, the director told me that he wanted me to build a solid body like a sailor. After I started exercising and bulked up, I was going to go on a diet and build up my body. I did the fitting about a month ago, so I didn’t bulk up, but I was wearing something like Meriyasu (running), so I said, “How about Jungmin coming out like this?” and I said, “I’m so thankful.” My stomach came out like that and I had a lot of flesh on my face, so I didn’t have to exercise the next day. I weighed 80kg at the time. If you look at it now, you’ve gained about 10 kilograms. “I’ve lost a lot of weight now, and I was gaining weight at that time, but I think I’m about 10kg,” he said.

He also said about Jang Do-ri’s tone, “What the director said really clearly was that there was an uncle in his hometown and he wanted me to do it like him.” It’s the man in his memory. The director’s direction was very specific to my actions and lines. It’s a situation where you have to take it well. “No matter what I prepared at home, it wasn’t as good as the coach throwing it at me, so I kept receiving it on the spot,” he said.

“There are some rural people, some old ’70s old men who talk without going through it,” he added. I think it was those parts where you speak from the heart,” he said, hinting that all the detailed movements, such as the tongue sticking out and the nose digging, were instructed by director Ryu Seung-wan.

“Secretary” is a marine crime drama in which people are caught up in a big battle of their lives in front of people who made a living by picking up daily necessities thrown into the sea. Park Jung-min played the role of Jang Do-ri in this movie. It will be released on the 26th

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