It’s my responsibility Jung Woo-sung’s new challenge

It’s my responsibility Jung Woo-sung’s new challenge

It’s my responsibility Jung Woo-sung’s new challenge The guardian of the director’s debut film


Actor Jung Woo-sung will make his directorial debut through “Guardian.” On top of that, expectations are high on what action Kim Nam-gil, Park Sung-woong, Kim Joon-han, and Park Yuna would have completed together.

Director Jung Woo-sung, Kim Nam-gil, Park Sung-woong, Kim Joon-han, and Park Yuna attended a production briefing session for the movie “Guardian” at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 24th.

“Guardian” is an action movie about Su-hyuk, who was released from prison after 10 years and wants to live a normal life after knowing his daughter’s existence, and those who aim for him. Jung Woo-sung presented his first feature film debut and said, “I have vague fears and mixed feelings about what movie it will be seen as.”

Jung Woo-sung said about his directing, “I think it’s a movie that I can’t simply answer,” adding, “When I was first offered a movie, I was offered it as an actor and for the purpose of appearing, and after that, I started directing it together.”

“If you listen to the story, it’s a simple structure, a structure that you’ve seen somewhere, and it’s a movie that I was worried about how to approach this work as a director, not an actor,” he said.

“I thought I should do an action movie at that time, and the producer gave me this scenario, and I thought it wouldn’t be bad for a simple plot to show action acting,” he said. “But the director who was preparing for his debut couldn’t do it due to personal reasons.” At that time, I had some free time for this, and when I asked, “Should I direct it?” he said, “Yes, senior.” as if he had been waiting. That’s how I ended up doing it,” he explained.

Jung Woo-sung plays Soo-hyuk, a man who dreams of a normal life along with directing. “If I had expressed Su-hyuk from an actor’s point of view, I would have sought more plausible action, plausible exhilaration, but as a director, I had no choice but to think about Su-hyuk’s dilemma, the person who was the most natural act, and the person who regretted and reflected on his life 10 years ago.”

Kim Nam-gil played the role of a so-called washing machine Woo-jin, a troubleshooter with a 100% success rate. He said, “I received a scenario when I heard that director Jung Woo-sung was going to be the director (‘guardian’), but it was actually burdensome at first,” adding, “I knew a lot about the scene and about the actor, but I thought it wouldn’t go easily.” He then recalled, “In fact, I had no time to rest on the spot, and it was a breathtaking time,” adding, “It felt different from the ‘Hunt’ time.”

“As director Jung Woo-sung said at first, I thought I would express the difference in what I might have seen, and I thought it would be fun to interpret it as a character I’ve never seen before,” he said. “The director also suggested it like that. I think I can express it away from the typical character.”

In particular, Kim Nam-gil said, “I became to love (Jung Woo-sung) more after playing ‘Guardian’. “I’ve heard something I’ve never heard from the directors,” he said. “I heard it from Woo Sung and other camera directors while doing big and small movies, and I think they understand and comfort me enough to cry on the spot, so I think my feelings of being comforted deepened.”

Park Sung-woong will play Eungguk, the boss of the organization where Su-hyuk worked. He said, “I didn’t do a lot of villains, but anyway, I suggested long hair and beard because I did it again this time, and I prepared it because I said, ‘Do it,’ but I regretted it on the day of the test shoot.” “I had a headache because it was a half-foot,” he said. He then said, “This was a true relationship with Jung Woo-sung this time,” adding, “Don’t do this, don’t do that,” and then he tied his hands tightly, and at the end, he said, “Do whatever you want.” He added, “When I first did it, I thought he was a really detailed person,” adding, “The first catch was helpful.”

Kim Joon-han, who played the role of Sung-joon, the second-in-command of an organization suffering from inferiority, recalled, “When I was young, I loved my senior for so long, starting with ‘Beat,’ and I was very excited to participate in the work with him.

He said, “There was a big height difference and he was so powerful,” adding, “The characters in the ‘guardian’ are difficult to meet in their daily lives, and they are different because they are not everyday.” He added, “If I was a person who was a bit hidden and wrapped up before, Sung-joon this time is a person who is honest and reveals himself without hesitation, so I wanted to make it fun.”

Park Yu-na plays Jin-ah, Woo-jin’s partner and a teacher bomb expert. Regarding his role, he explained, “Woojin’s partner and teacher bomb expert, but he is like a mother who puts Woojin to sleep, who is wild and free-spirited,” adding, “He runs with Woojin, and I think he’s the brain of the two, so I showed a cold and easy-going personality.” “I’ve never seen a character like this before, so when I saw the script, I thought if I could do well or understand it, but the director caught it in the beginning, so I was able to work together,” he recalled.

Kim Nam-gil and Park Yu-na also acted as ‘dogs’ as partners. In response, Kim Nam-gil said, “I discussed the type of dog rather than there were many NGs,” adding, “I like comedy programs, so I had such a discussion like talking about adult dogs and small dogs, and the director talked about ’emotion about making dog noises’ that it was not important 안전놀이터

Finally, Jung Woo-sung said, “I thought the responsibility of the scene was the greatest in order to make a good memory,” adding, “I don’t know what the movie will be like or what kind of evaluation it will be, but I wanted to give some satisfaction in its choice and character implementation, and I thought it was absolutely my responsibility.”

“Guardian” will be released on August 15th

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