Avatar 2 earned 110 billion won in Korea and counted 10 million

Avatar 2 earned 110 billion won in Korea and counted 10 million

Avatar 2 earned 110 billion won in Korea and counted 10 million

Avatar 2

The movie ‘Avatar: Waterway’ is sweeping the world’s theaters. It seems likely to achieve 10 million viewers during the Lunar New Year holiday.

The movie “Avatar: Waterway” (directed by James Cameron) topped the domestic and North American box offices on the weekend of its fifth week of release. It’s a solo performance without a hitch.

According to the integrated computer network for movie theater tickets on the 17th, ‘Avatar 2’ attracted 48,891 viewers on the 16th. Prior to this, 148,657 viewers were mobilized from 1,387 theaters nationwide on the 15th. From the 13th, the weekend of the fifth week of its release, the total number of audiences for three days was 392,188, maintaining its No. 1 spot in the weekend box office even in the fifth week of its release.

The cumulative number of audiences is 9,463,299 people. It is two days faster than its predecessor. If the current trend continues, it is highly likely that it will reach a cumulative 10 million viewers during the Lunar New Year holiday (21-24th) or after that. If “Avatar 2” exceeds 10 million cumulative audiences, it will be the first time since “Criminal City 2” last year. In foreign currency, it will be the first 10 million movie in about three and a half years since “Aladdin” in 2019. The previous movie “Avatar,” which was screened in 2009, surpassed 10 million viewers for the first time in foreign currency history in 38 days.

The cumulative domestic sales of “Avatar 2” were 118.41099,350 won, and the global cumulative sales were $1.7 billion (about 2.11 trillion won) by the 14th. In other words, more than 5% of global sales have been made in Korea. It was released sequentially around the world starting with Korea on the 14th of last month. At that time, the production and cast of ‘Avatar 2’ posted on SNS, “I was really touched by the amazing support of Korean fans. “I ask for your continued love,” he said.

Avatar 2’s break-even point estimate is $2 billion (about 2.478 trillion won). So far, 85% of the break-even point estimate has been collected. This makes it the seventh highest-grossing film in the world.

Meanwhile, “Avatar 2” is the first film in 13 years by director James Cameron following “Avatar.” It tells the story of the threats that Jake Sully (Sam Washington) and Natalie (Joe Saldana) face from their families on the Pandora planet, the long journey, the battle they have to leave to survive, and the wounds they have to endure.

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