Ma Dongseok is considered the worst movie ever

Ma Dongseok is considered the worst movie ever

Ma Dongseok is considered the worst movie ever and it turns out that’s why.

Ma Dongseok

It was argued that actor Ma Dong-seok’s refusal to interview with reporters due to his betrayal was the reason why he was considered the “worst movie star.”

On the 15th, a video titled “Why Ma Dong-seok was properly stabbed in the back” was released on the YouTube channel “Entertainment President Lee Jin-ho.”

In the video, Lee Jin-ho claimed that Ma Dong-seok refrained from media interviews after feeling betrayed by film reporters, and that’s why he was selected as the “worst film person” at the 2022 Raspberry Film Festival, which is decided by a vote of 34 film reporters.

Lee Jin-ho said, “Ma Dong-seok looks rough, but he is actually a very sweet and friendly person. He was a person who came to the reporters’ company dinner and played with them, saying, “I’m here,” drank, joked, and even consulted about life concerns. However, his attitude has changed 180 degrees since 2019,” he said.

Lee Jin-ho cited Ma Dong-seok’s wedding article reported after the 2019 Cannes International Film Festival as the reason for his change.

“When Ma Dong-seok entered the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, he had a beer party with reporters. Usually, the first part is conducted in the form of an interview, and the second part is a place to talk comfortably.”

He continued, “In the second part, a reporter asked Ma Dong-seok, ‘I’m in a public relationship with Jung Je-hwa, when will I get married?’ Ma Dong-seok replied, “I plan to do it next year,” without thinking that it would become an article. However, breaking a kind of unwritten rule, Ma Dong-seok’s wedding article came out. Here, Ma Dong-seok felt a great sense of betrayal,” he claimed.

“Ma Dong-seok lost trust in reporters from this point. Therefore, for personal reasons, I did not conduct interviews and blocked them thoroughly,” he added.

Lee Jin-ho also explained, “Since (Ma Dong-seok) said, ‘I don’t do interviews if I can’, it seems like the worst manners for reporters because ‘I didn’t fulfill my duty to promote as a leading actor’, but it’s a pity.”

Lee Jin-ho said, “From Ma Dong-seok’s point of view, there is some unfairness. “I gave love and trust to reporters, but I was stabbed in the back,” he said. “For these reasons, I think I was considered the ‘worst movie star’.”

“What’s more interesting is that the reporter who broke the unwritten rule and wrote Ma Dong-seok’s wedding story for the first time no longer works as a reporter,” he said. “People around me said, ‘He doesn’t work as a reporter.” He added, ‘Relax yourself,’ but Ma Dong-seok said, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t interview you.’

Earlier, Ma Dong-seok was selected as the “worst film person” at the 2022 Raspberry Film Festival. Ma Dong-seok produced and starred in his first 10 million-view movie, “The Outlaws 2,” but did not interview him for personal reasons, and refused to interview him even though he produced and starred in the movie “Apkujeong,” which was released in November last year.

Meanwhile, Ma Dong-seok became a legal couple last year after registering his marriage with his lover, Ye Jung-hwa, who is 17 years younger than him. It is reported that the wedding will be held separately later.

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