Irish actor Lee Hang-na overwhelms the mood by playing Won Boram.

Irish actor Lee Hang-na overwhelms the mood by playing Won Boram.

Irish actor Lee Hang-na overwhelms the mood by playing Won Boram.

Actor Lee Hang-na overwhelmed the drama atmosphere with a tense war of nerves with Lee Da-hee in “Ireland” Part 1, the agency reported on the 19th.

actor Lee Hang-na

Actor Lee Hang-na played Won Mi-ho (Lee Da-hee)’s aunt and Korean hotel president Won Bo-ram in the OTT TVing original series “Ireland” (directed by Bae Jong/playwright Oh Bo-hyun (kit project)/provided by Y-Lab Flex, Studio Dragon), drawing a close group succession confrontation with Won Mi-ho.

The original TVing series “Ireland” is a fantasy action drama about the journey of characters with a destiny to fight against the evil of destroying the world with the original cartoon and webtoon of the same name by Yoon In-wan and Yang Kyung-il.

Actor Lee Hang-na, who played Won Boram in “Ireland,” left a strong impact with a sharp war of nerves with Won Mi-ho from her first appearance. Won Bo-ram visited Won Mi-ho, who was eating with his acquaintances in a pleasant atmosphere, and suddenly turned the situation around with a heavy atmosphere, saying, “What do you think I am?”

The two chaebol families began talking about their position in the Korean group. Miho said, “The growth rate of Korean hotels has been negative for several years. It’s the lowest among other hotels,” he said, touching Boram’s nerves. In response, Won Boram said, “Hey, even if you worry, I do it. “Because it’s my hotel,” he replied with his characteristic elegant tone, seemingly suppressing his anger. Nevertheless, when his nephew Won Mi-ho said that he had a more stake in the hotel than his aunt, Won Bo-ram couldn’t resist his anger and shouted, “Will you do this to your real aunt!” and got angry.

Won Boram said, “Miho, try to make a mistake. “Not twice, but just once, I’ll be waiting,” he sent an eerie warning to Won Mi-ho, signaling a sensation in the fight for the succession of the Korean group.

Actor Lee Hang-na caused tension by having a sharp war of nerves with her nephew Lee Da-hee over the group’s succession in “Ireland.” In addition to transforming characters with a relaxed aspect like a chaebol family, it also drew attention from viewers by portraying various emotions of characters full of intensity and flesh depending on the situation. In particular, it flexibly captures the delicate facial expressions in the middle of the conversation, raising questions about how he will perform in future developments.

Part 1, the original TVing series “Ireland” starring actor Lee Hang-na, will be available for full-time viewing on TVing, and Part 2 will be released for the first time on February 24.

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