Soccer players appear in movies more often than AC Milan Star Ground

Soccer players appear in movies more often than AC Milan Star Ground

Soccer players appear in movies more often than AC Milan Star Ground


My job is a professional soccer player and my second character is a movie star. But now it seems that his job is a movie star and his secondary character is a professional soccer player.

It is because I have seen him on the ground, but he often shows his face in the movie version. The story is about AC Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

British media recently reported that Zlatan held a red carpet event for the premiere of the new movie Asterix & O’Bellex: The Middle Kingdom.

Zlatan, who posed with other cast members, is set to make his film debut as an actor. Soon it will be released across Europe. It is an adaptation of a French classic, and Zlatan plays Onepus, the Roman centurion.

Produced in French, the film is scheduled to be released first in France on February 1st, mainly featuring French actors.

Marion Cortiar, famous for “Inception” and “Dark Night Rise,” also appeared, posing alongside Zlatan at the red carpet event.

Although Zlatan is serious about the movie, he has long disappeared from the soccer field. Of course, I am not retiring. He underwent surgery last May for an anterior cruciate ligament injury. And now it’s recovering. During this time, he stepped into the movie screen instead of soccer.

In October last year, Zlatan made headlines by signing a contract with Napoli in the Italian Serie A league, where Kim Min-jae plays. Napoli’s president Laurentis signed with Zlatan, not to play football for the Napoli team, but to appear in a drama series produced by Laurentis.

Zlatan told a media outlet: “I’m arrogant and fearless at all. I am in good condition. “I’m trying every day to come back,” he said. “I’m sure you’ll see that. When I return, you will be able to believe it.”

“I need patience,” he said. That’s the point now,” he insisted.

Meanwhile, Zlatan, a 43-year-old veteran striker in Korean age, underwent knee cruciate ligament surgery after leading AC Milan to a Serie A victory last season.

As a result, he was unable to play in the first half of this season and is expected to be able to return to the ground by the end of the season when he returns from rehabilitation, but it is unknown.

There are talks about retirement because of his age, but he said, “I don’t intend to retire. “I won’t give up,” he said adding, “I will retire if there is a better player than me.” But I haven’t seen such a player yet,” he shouted loudly 토토검증

[Zlatan poses with the female lead at the Asterix red carpet event in Paris on the 16th]

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