Manchester United to sell Pogba for 72 billion

Manchester United to sell Pogba for 72 billion

Manchester United is preparing to dispose of Paul Pogba.

The British media Daily Mail reported on the 11th (Korea time) that Manchester United can accept Paul Pogba’s transfer offer for 50 million pounds (about 72 billion won).

Pogba has been making up stories ever since his return to Manchester United. Rumors of a transfer have not stopped, and he has been at odds with coach Jose Mourinho in the past. Manager Ole Gunnar Solskj르r is trusting Pogba and using him, but the noise from Pogba continues.

Recently, Pogba’s agent Mino Laiola brought up a bomb statement.

“There’s no need for a word of ease,” Laiola said in an Italian media outlet called Tutosport. I’ll be clear. Pogba is not happy in Manchester United. Pogba can’t express himself as he wants or as people expect. Pogba needs to change his team and change his surroundings,” he said.

“Pogba’s contract expires in a year and a half. It’s the summer of 2022. However, the best way for everyone is to move to the transfer market next summer. Currently, Pogba has no intention of renewing his contract. If you don’t understand this, you don’t know soccer.

In the end, Manchester United is preparing to dispose of Pogba. According to the media, Manchester United is planning to send Pogba, who was hired for the club’s highest transfer fee of 89 million pounds (about 128.7 billion won), with a offer of 50 million pounds. As such, Manchester United is now hoping to dispose of Pogba.

To put it coolly, Pogba is no longer an important resource. That’s because Bruno Fernandez is completely replacing Pogba’s place after coming to Manchester United. On the other hand, 안전놀이터 Pogba’s presence is getting smaller and smaller. The farewell of Manchester United and Pogba seems to be a matter of time.

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