What kind of actor is the famous Korean actor “Sung Dong-il”?

What kind of actor is the famous Korean actor “Sung Dong-il”?

Since the mid-1980s, he has gained acting experience on stage and entered the broadcasting industry as a first-term SBS talent in 1991. However, he suffered a lot at this time because he couldn’t distinguish the difference between acting in plays and TV dramas (tone, movement line, etc.) and it was said that no proper work came in until he played Yang Jung-pal in “Eunsil” in 1998. The story was revealed during the two-day special episode of the “One Night, Two Days.” According to his description, he was filming a TV drama, but he kept acting in a theatrical tone, so he ended up being filmed by the director and his work stopped for a while. For your information, at the time, he firmly believed, “I think I did it right. What’s wrong with everyone?” He realized it later and finally succeeded in making a comeback after studying acting.

Since then, Yang Jung-pal’s impact has been so strong that he told Knee Park Dosa that other works have not been introduced well. Eun-sil later starred in KBS2’s weekend drama “Yoojung” in 1999 as the son of a popular boss and falling in love with the heroine Park Jin-hee, but her comical and lewd image was too intense for a serious act, and she kept making a funny face without even realizing it.The actress (Park Jin-hee) said she couldn’t act with him. After all, the production team decided that he would not be able to continue his appearance and quit the drama because he was assigned to an overseas branch within the company. Then, it became widely known to the public, although Shanghai Jo did play the role of Gaeko in the Yain era and turned Shimyeong into a Goja. His comic acting based on his unique dialect is excellent. He mainly uses the southwestern dialect, and he used to spend his childhood in Hwasun County, 먹튀사이트 South Jeolla Province, where his grandmother lives, even though he is from Incheon Metropolitan City.

Since then, he has been a great supporting actor in numerous dramas and movies. He is also good at ad lib acting, but he is not really the type to memorize scripts.

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