Yoo Seonho’s breathtaking eyes Actor pictorial

Yoo Seonho’s breathtaking eyes Actor pictorial

Yoo Seonho’s breathtaking eyes

Yoo Seonho

Actor Yoo Seon-ho showed off his soft charisma in the pictorial.

Lifestyle magazine “Singles” recently released a visual pictorial featuring Yoo Seon-ho’s deep eyes, which marks the end of the drama “Shroop.”

In the released pictorial, Yoo Seon-ho perfectly styled a variety of styles, ranging from chic looks tailored to all-black outfits to hats, to cozy knit looks with soft charms, and fashion that creates a sexy mood.

Yoo Seon-ho reported that he cut his long hair for a year after filming “Shroop.” After the end of the show, he/she said that he/she would feel empty and empty, but he/she said that he/she had no regrets and was relieved when he/she said goodbye to his/her long hair.

In the beginning, Yoo Seon-ho said, “Gyesung Dae-gun is a person who suffers from confusion in his gender identity, and he was very worried about researching because he was a character with a delicate emotional line.” Yoo Seon-ho said, “I was very surprised to read the entire synopsis before I knew the hidden story,” adding, “I proved my passion for acting by looking for various materials such as ‘Danish Girl’, documentaries, and books, which are about sexual minorities to look into Kyesung’s mind.”

In a meeting with Singles two years ago, Yoo Seon-ho showed his true feelings about music, saying, “I study composition and play the piano again.” And Yoo Seon-ho said, “While acting, I realized that I was not as honest with myself as I thought.” Gam Deok-haeng (Thank you, I’m happy because of you) is a short term he created to be honest with his expression of emotions every moment and is a support he sends to his family and himself. And every moment of cooking and eating favorite food is a factor that makes Yoo Seon-ho “Gamdeokhaeng.”

Meanwhile, Yoo Seon-ho made his name known by appearing in season 2 of Mnet’s boy group survival program “Produce 101,” which aired in 2017 after being a trainee at Cube Entertainment. He recently joined KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “1 Night 2 Days” as a new regular member after the end of tvN drama “Shruop.”

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