Catch Kim Min-jae Why Naples is obsessed with buyouts

Catch Kim Min-jae Why Naples is obsessed with buyouts

Catch Kim Min-jae Why Naples is obsessed with buyouts

Kim Min-jae

A tug-of-war between the player and the club began over the buyout amount of “monster” Kim Min-jae. The buyout amount is a key issue for Kim Min-jae to move to another club.

As prestigious overseas clubs continued to show interest in Kim Min-jae, conflicts were also detected over the amount of buyout between the club and the player and the club. The player wants to maintain a relatively undervalued current buyout amount. On the other hand, the club wants to delete the current amount and increase the amount by renewing the contract to prevent the outflow of players.

This is because European clubs are expected to be willing to pay Napoli’s current buyout amount to take Kim Min-jae, who has been more expensive since the Qatar World Cup. In other words, it is a war of nerves between Napoli, which is trying to raise entry barriers, and Kim Min-jae, who is trying to enter the transfer market.

“Maintain KRW 67.6 billion” vs. “Delete the existing amount…”Let’s raise it to 101.3 billion won

Giovanni Scoto, a reporter for the Italian media “Lilomanet,” mentioned the contact between Napoli leader Cristiano Jiuntoli and Kim Min-jae’s agent on his social network service (SNS) on the 27th (Korea time).

“The club wants to delete 50 million euros (about 67.6 billion won) of the buyout, which is effective from July 1st to 15th next year,” he said. “But the player is negative.” He then said, “The club can raise the buyout to 75 million euros (about 101.3 billion won) by renewing the contract.”

Italian media ‘Ciamo Il Napoli’ also said, “A player will not want to give up the buyout clause,” adding, “Napoli wants to avoid receiving attractive offers.” The current buyout amount is lower than Kim Min-jae’s value, he analyzed.

He also reported, “Napoli’s counterproposal will not take long,” adding, “Other clubs have proposed a compromise to raise the buyout clause to discourage the desire to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

The buyout is a contract that allows other clubs to negotiate with the player immediately without consultation with the player’s club if they offer a certain amount of transfer fee or more.

The more Kim Minjae’s value goes up, the more burdensome his team is

Kim Min-jae left Fenerbahce in the Turkiye Schiffer League and wore a Napoli uniform in July this year. The contract was signed for 3+2 years until June 2025. According to the contract, if overseas clubs want Kim Min-jae on July 1 to 15, the transfer market period next summer, they have to cross the buyout threshold.

He quickly blended into the team and established himself as a leading defender. In September, he was named Serie A Player of the Month. Kalidou Coulibaly (Chelsea), who was the core of Naples’ defense, is said to have completely filled the power gap he was worried about with the transfer.

On the 27th (local time), UEFA Vice President Bonnieek cited Kim Min-jae’s skills in an interview with Italian media “Corele dello Sport.” “Kim Min-jae is one of the best defenders in Serie A,” Vice Chairman Bonnieke said. “Energy, concentration, and header skills are his strengths.”

Kim Min-jae’s impressive performance in the World Cup is also difficult for his team Napoli to like.

This is because if positive evaluations are poured out, it will be a burden for the club to keep players in the club. Manchester United, Tottenham, and Real Madrid in the Spanish Primera Liga are known to be interested in the prestigious English Premier League.

On the 27th (local time), soccer statistics media “Transfermarkt” released the list of the best 11 players in the 2022 market value. The media set Kim Min-jae’s market value at 35 million euros (about 47.2 billion won). Considering that Kim Min-jae’s market value evaluated by the media on January 1 this year was 14 million euros (about 19 billion won), the market value has risen 2.5 times in a year.

Napoli is the sole No. 1 player in Serie A this season with 13 wins, 2 draws, and 41 points in 15 matches. Considering that prestigious clubs AC Milan and Juventus have 33 and 31 points, respectively, it is an overwhelming performance 토토추천

Meanwhile, Napoli will resume their Serie A schedule for the 2022-23 season, starting with a match against Inter Milan on the 5th of next month (Korea Standard Time).

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