Why Son Heung-min should go to Bayern Munich

Why Son Heung-min should go to Bayern Munich

Why Son Heung-min should go to Bayern Munich

Son Heung-min

The Vietnamese media’s interest in Korean soccer has heated up due to the craze for Vietnamese national team coach Park Hang-seo. In addition, interest in Asia’s only superstar, Son Heung-min (Tottenham), is bound to be hot.

Vietnam’s “thethao247” claims about Son Heung-min’s transfer on the 28th (Korea Standard Time). The media’s argument is that Son Heung-min should go to Bayern Munich, the strongest team in the German Bundesliga.

The media said, “Son Heung-min can choose to return to Germany in the winter transfer market. The destination is Bayern Munich,” he said.

Son Heung-min, who successfully played the 2022 Qatar World Cup, returned to Tottenham. Looking at the last Brentford match, Son Heung-min does not seem to have recovered his true self yet. He hasn’t been as explosive as he used to be this season. “There has been quite a lot of news that Son Heung-min could leave Tottenham in the winter transfer market,” he added.

“Bavarian Munich expressed interest in Son Heung-min again last summer,” he said, citing a report by Germany’s “Bild.” “Bild” said that if Son Heung-min comes to Bayern Munich, his weekly salary will rise to 250,000 pounds (381.42 million won). Currently, Son Heung-min’s weekly salary is known to be around 185,000 pounds (282.19 million won).

“If he returns to Germany, Bayern Munich will be the best team for Asian superstar Son Heung-min.” “The only regret in Son Heung-min’s career is the title of the championship,” he analyzed.

Finally, the media said, “Son Heung-min is a key Tottenham player. Tottenham will not send Son Heung-min easily. However, if Tottenham continues to move away from the title of the championship, the day when Son Heung-min will say goodbye to Tottenham may not be far away, he predicted

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