I look at SOOBIN’s appearance too Actress

I look at SOOBIN’s appearance too Actress

I look at SOOBIN’s appearance too


Actress Chae Soo-bin revealed her actual ideal type.

On the 28th, at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, I met Chae Soo-bin of Netflix’s original series “The Fabulous” and talked about various things.

“The Fabulous” is a hyperrealistic romance that depicts the dreams, love, and friendship of young people who have devoted their lives to the fashion world, which is written as fashion and read as passion. Chae Soo-bin plays the role of marketer Pyo Ji-eun, forming a deep consensus with viewers in the form of youth living hot toward dreams and love.

Pyo Ji-eun works as a manager of the PR team at Audrey, a luxury brand promotion company, and sometimes encounters rude people and breaks up with unexpected events, but she is also told that she works well. Ji-eun, who is full of passion, loyalty, and nosiness, is a positive person who can do anything, but dating is not easy.

On this day, Chae Soo-bin said, “I don’t understand being friends with my ex. It doesn’t feel like ‘never’ but I have an idea of ‘never?’ In the relationship of being friends with an ex, I think that one of the two has a heart, so a friend relationship is maintained. If you don’t have any regrets, there’s no reason to hold the string, he said. “In the drama, Ji-min (Choi Min-ho) had a heart for Ji-eun, and I think it was possible because she had a connection as a friend.”

In particular, Chae Soo-bin, who plays the role of being loved by three men in the play, said, “There are no times when there are no, and sometimes people contact me because the timing overlaps, so the timing seems strange. But there is no conflict between two or three men in reality 강남풀싸롱 he said.

As for his ideal type, he said, “In the past, the standards seemed ambiguous. But now, I think I should meet someone who fits well with me and can be considerate. “Of course, I look at your appearance,” he said with a smile

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