vehement opposition from Lee Kang-in’s argument for not making

vehement opposition from Lee Kang-in’s argument for not making

vehement opposition from Lee Kang-in’s argument for not making it to Valencia’s No. 10 Valencia.


If “Golden Boy” Lee Kang-in (19) wore Valencia’s No. 10, what would have happened? Valencia tried to make Lee Kang-in the face of the team. However, it was canceled due to fierce opposition from the captains.

Spain’s “El Pais” was found in a disagreement between the team’s management and the captain over 10 times in the allocation of numbers, including players, before the season’s opening, due to Valencia’s sluggishness and Lee Kang-in’s expression of intention to the team.

According to El Pais, Valencia’s management, including owner Peter Lim, tried to use Lee Kang-in as the team’s new face. Until last season, Lee Kang-in did not secure a clear starting position, but as he was sure of his skills, he chose it as the center point of the team that has been centered on young players, as he won the U-20 World Cup MVP.

So Valencia tried to give Lee Kang-in the number 10, which became empty when Daniel Parejo moved to Villarreal in the summer transfer market. However, it failed due to opposition from the captain’s team. Captain Jose Gaya and deputy captain Haume Domenech vehemently protested. They argued, “In this case, it is customary to give it to a player who has played for a long time in Valencia first.”

Gaya, Domenech’s argument makes sense. Because number 10 is the symbol of the team. There is definitely a player who will be more symbolic than Lee Kang-in. Instead of Lee Kang-in, they considered Carlos Soler the next 10 times 안전놀이터

Valencia’s management decided to empty 10 times after the captain’s opposition came out. It is understandable that the captain’s opposition is understandable, but he decided not to assign the number 10 because it is disgusting that he does not support the club’s policy. As a result, Soler was named No. 8, and Lee Kang-in changed from No. 16 to No. 20 by Ferran Torres, who moved to Manchester City last season. And Valencia became the only La Liga team this season to have no player on the 10th.

Lee Kang-in’s affection for the team is cooling down due to his bumpy playing opportunities this season. In order to secure more opportunities to play, he is also planning to move to the transfer market in January. Valencia also lacks transfer funds, so it is effective to sell Lee Kang-in to reinforce players in the winter transfer market.

“There are many teams that are interested in Lee,” the Spanish media said. However, Valencia has set a huge transfer fee of 80 million euros (about 107.1 billion won), which is expected to make the transfer difficult.

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