I’m not discussing anything with Kim Hyun-joong, but I’m going

I’m not discussing anything with Kim Hyun-joong, but I’m going

I’m not discussing anything with Kim Hyun-joong, but I’m going to start it carefully.

Kim Hyun-joong

Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong appeared in a trailer for “Asking Me” and drew keen attention, his agency announced plans for his future activities.

Regarding the return to the show on Maeil Business Star Today on the 29th, an official from Kim Hyun-joong’s agency Hennechia said, “There are no works currently under discussion, such as dramas and entertainment.” Asked if he would resume his activities in earnest, he said, “I am going to start cautiously now. There is nothing I can tell you yet, I asked for your understanding.

Kim Hyun-joong appeared in the preview at the end of the KBS Joy entertainment program “Ask Anything” broadcast on the 28th.

In the trailer, Kim Hyun-joong was asked by MC Lee Soo-geun about what made him decide to appear, saying, “I’m a bright person, but I think I’m getting less bright. I blame myself for people’s criticism and sharp eyes. In response, Lee Soo-geun said, “Hyunjoong rested for a really long time. “It’s gotten so boring,” she added with a smile.

Kim Hyun-joong, who enjoyed the popularity of Hallyu stars as a member and actor of the group SS501, was embroiled in a controversy over his personal life in 2014 when he was accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend A. At that time, Kim Hyun-joong tried to end the situation by paying 600 million won in compensation to A on confidentiality terms, but he filed a 1.6 billion won compensation suit, saying he suffered mental damage in 2015 while A was pregnant with Kim Hyun-joong’s child and experiencing conflict over the issue.

After a long and lengthy lawsuit, the court ruled in favor of Kim. The Supreme Court rejected the appeal against Kim Hyun-joong in November, saying, “A should pay 100 million won and delayed damages to Kim Hyun-joong.” In addition, the Supreme Court rejected an appeal against Kim Hyun-joong on charges of attempted fraud and defamation by publications against A, and fined A 5 million won. A gave birth to and raised Kim Hyun-joong’s son in September 2015.

After the legal battle was over, Kim Hyun-joong has been moving to resume his activities by opening a YouTube channel to communicate with fans and holding online concerts.

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