Trade Request Ben Simmons most likely destination is SAC-GSW-MIN

Trade Request Ben Simmons most likely destination is SAC-GSW-MIN

Trade Request Ben Simmons most likely destination is SAC-GSW-MIN


Simmons is more likely to leave Philadelphia.

Keith Pompeii of PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER reported on the 1st (Korea time) that Ben Simmons of the Philadelphia 76ers asked the team to trade.

“Revenge sources said Ben Simmons wanted to leave the team at a meeting with club officials last week. “I have no intention of attending a training camp in Philadelphia,” he said.

Simmons, who was nominated to Philadelphia as the first overall draft in 2016, drew attention as a big prospect with great height, athletic ability, wide vision and passing skills. Philadelphia, determined to accompany Simmons for a long time, signed him a five-year, $170 million extension in the summer of 2019.

But the relationship between Simmons and Philadelphia has turned sharply over the playoffs last season. Philadelphia, which won the first seed, was eliminated in the second round after performing poorly against Atlanta. Simmons, who struggled with poor scoring skills and poor free throw success throughout the series, was under fire.

After the defeat, Coach Doc Rivers avoided answering, saying, “I don’t know,” when asked if Simmons could play as a starting guard in the winning team. The interview revealed that the belief that he can win with Simmons is faltering. Simmons is known to be upset that Reverse used him as a shield.

Philadelphia looked into Simmons’ trade throughout the summer, but his transfer was not made. Philadelphia’s desired opposition is an all-star player, and there was a view that the trade might not happen quickly as no progress was made.

However, since Simmons officially requested a trade with the club, the development of “Simmons Drama” is likely to accelerate rapidly.

“According to an anonymous western conference team official, Simmons wants to go to a team in California. His relationship with Philadelphia has already grown apart.

Among California-based teams, Sacramento and Golden State are constantly rumored to trade with Simmons. However, Sacramento wants to protect key resources, and it is unclear whether the Golden State will trade or not because it has a Raymond Green that overlaps with Simmons.

The team that is most interested in Simmons is Minnesota. Simmons is said to be positive about the move to Minnesota, where close friends DiAngelo Russell and Carl-Anti Towns belong.

Since Philadelphia wants an all-star player, there is a possibility that a multilateral trade will take place. Minnesota wants to protect Russell, Towns and Anthony Edwards, and Sacramento has no intention of sending out De Aaron Parks. In order to meet Philadelphia’s needs, we cannot rule out the possibility of other teams joining 토토추천

Which team will Simmons, who has lost his heart to Philadelphia, head to? Attention is drawn to Philadelphia and Simmons’ move.

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