Jack Randolph-Tony Allen will be banned permanently during

Jack Randolph-Tony Allen will be banned permanently during

Jack Randolph-Tony Allen will be banned permanently during the 21-22 season


Memphis will permanently cancel Jack Randolph and Tony Allen’s back numbers.

The Memphis Grizzlies officially announced on the 2nd (Korea time) that they will hold a permanent cancellation event for Jack Randolph and Tony Allen during the upcoming 2021-2022 season.

Jack Randolph’s permanent miss event will be held against Houston on December 12. Tony Allen’s permanent stay is scheduled for January 29 next year against Utah.

Randolph and Allen are the main players who led Memphis’ revival. Randolph, who made his NBA debut in Portland in 2001, has been considered a “devil’s talent” for his unstable mentality. The evaluation continued during his career with the Clippers in New York.

Randolph’s career changed in July 2009 when he was traded from Clippers to Memphis and changed his uniform, and Randolph later led Memphis along with Mark Gasol and Mike Conley.

Since joining Randolph, Memphis has emerged from a western underdog team to a strong team. He advanced to the Western semifinals in 2010 and also to the Western Finals in 2012. Memphis’ consecutive advance to the playoffs continued until 2017 when Randolph left the team. Considering that the West was a stage full of strong teams at the time, it was a great achievement.

Tony Allen was also a key member of Memphis at the time. Wearing his first Memphis uniform in 2010, Allen played for Memphis for seven seasons until 2017.

He was especially good at defending. During this period, Allen swept all-defensive teams six times. The year 2014 was the only season when he was not selected for the defensive team, and he missed 27 games due to injury. Allen’s defense with great agility and perseverance was like a symbol of Memphis basketball, and fans had no choice but to have great affection for Allen.

In Memphis, Randolph wore 50 times and Allen wore 9 times.

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