This is why Kim Ha-sung’s long-term contract is good

This is why Kim Ha-sung’s long-term contract is good

This is why Kim Ha-sung’s long-term contract is good.

Kim Ha-sung

What if Kim Ha-sung didn’t sign a long-term contract with the San Diego Padres? It’s terrible to think about it. If he had signed a one-year contract, he would have already been released.

In MLB Network’s “MLB NOW” program on the 26th (local time), various future scenarios were put on the topic while analyzing the trade of the Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star second baseman Adam Frazier. The panelists predicted, “San Diego AJ Preller is planning to use Frasier as a super utility man not only this year but also until the 2022 season.” Frazier will become a free agent after the 2022 season.

John Hayman, one of the panelists, said, “I will use Frasier as a utility man, but he is an All-Star second baseman. “San Diego gave Kim Ha-sung too much money,” he said, predicting that Jake Cronenworth can trade Eric Hosmer, who has $60 million left a year after moving to first base.

Baseball reporters agree that Kim Ha-sung’s ransom is ridiculously high. A total of 28 million dollars (32.34 billion won) for four years and 7 million dollars (8.085 billion won) a year. Compared to the immediately traded Fraser, Kim Ha-sung’s ransom has been overpackaged. It’s his luck.

Players have an advantage in long-term contracts unconditionally. Ryu Hyun-jin, who signed a seven-year long-term contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers, was the same. It was a long-term contract, so he survived shoulder surgery. Short-term contracts are discharges. The club cannot wait leisurely unless it is a young player in his early 20s.

Pittsburgh gave Fraser this time and included $1.4 million in cash. Pittsburgh effectively covered the remaining salary of Frazier in the 2021 season and received three promising players from San Diego. The key to promising players is Venezuelan infielder Pita Marcano, 21. During all-spring training, Kim Ha-sung joined the team and sweated together.

The 29-year-old Frazier’s annual salary in 2021 is only $4.3 million. Kim Ha-sung is worth $7 million. Frazier has recorded the most hits (125) in Major League Baseball as of Wednesday. He is also very good at defense. His batting average this year is 0.324 home runs, four RBIs, and 58 runs. Kim Ha-sung played 79 games, batting average 0.206 home runs, and 26 RBIs.

Three players were traded, including Fraser in 2021, Willie McGee (St. Louis Cardinals→Auckland Ace) and Red Shawnendienst (New York Giants→Milwaukee Braves) in 1957.

Would the recruitment of Fraser have narrowed Kim Ha-sung’s position? There’s not much difference. Kim Ha-sung was a backup, not a main player. Existing main players are affected like veteran first baseman Hosmer. Outfielders Tommy Pam, Trent Grisham, Will Myers, and others are set on fire.

San Diego doesn’t end up with Frazier. President Freller has broken the existing framework. The key to the trade deadline on the 31st is how the game will falter and whether Kim Ha-sung will be affected.

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