Park Hyo-joon’s surprise trade to Pittsburgh

Park Hyo-joon’s surprise trade to Pittsburgh

Park Hyo-joon’s surprise trade to Pittsburgh. I think we’re really going to have a chance.

Park Hyo-joon's

After making his debut after being called to the Major League, Park Hyo-joon (25), who went back to the Minor League Triple-A (Scranton/Wills-Barrie Railiders), was traded in five days. Instead of getting Clay Holmes (right-handed pitcher), he sent Park Hyo-joon and Diego Castiro to Pittsburgh.

Park Hyo-joon was called up ahead of the game against the Boston Red Sox on the 17th, but that was all he played as a pinch hitter on the first day. He was relegated to the minor league after only one at-bats on the dream stage he achieved in seven years 안전놀이터

The New York Yankees didn’t seem to have any intention of using Park Hyo-joon.

Park Hyo-joon, who went down to Triple A again, continued his strong performance in four games, including two home runs, and three walks. Although the absence was prolonged in the big league, Park Hyo-joon’s performance was not affected at all.

While he is batting .327 OPS 1.042 this season, he heard about the trade on the 27th. A team official called Park Hyo-joon around 4 p.m. local time to inform him that the trade to Pittsburgh has been confirmed. The details are yet to be heard by the player. An official of the club told the player, “The trade has now been made, and that’s Pittsburgh.”

After hearing the news of the trade from a team official, Park Hyo-joon told reporters, “The trade has now been confirmed as the Pittsburgh Triple A (Indianapolis Indians).” “I knew my place wouldn’t be easy for the Yankees, but I think it’s better. “If I show my current performance in the Pittsburgh Triple-A, I’m looking forward to getting a chance in the big league faster.”

When I went back to the minor league with the New York Yankees, I said, “I will do my best in my current position, not to be too happy,” but I was disappointed that I didn’t even get a proper opportunity. After the trade was confirmed, Park Hyo-joon’s voice was quite bright.

“The most important thing is to consistently show the current performance. That way you can call me up in Pittsburgh. But in Pittsburgh, if I’m the only one who’s good at it, I think the big league call-up opportunity will come sooner. So now I feel like I really have a chance in my baseball life.”

Park Hyo-joon’s goal is to enter the Major League. I know that a team that can get a chance is much more helpful to you if you have skills than a club that doesn’t get a chance even if you’re good at it. Park Hyo Joon is now at the University of Pittsburgh in triple to it and for his big league koreobeul a.

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