There are three more besides Stripling RYU is bound

There are three more besides Stripling RYU is bound

There are three more besides Stripling RYU is bound to be forgotten


“Ross will continue to start. He’s really good at throwing. He always wins the day he goes out. Now Ross is the key player.”

Toronto Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo praised Ross Stripling for his perfect pitching of one hit and no runs in six innings against the Detroit Tigers on the 13th (Korea Standard Time). The important thing was that his face was full of laughter. Confidence in stripling is eman.

Ryu seems to have been almost forgotten in Montoyo’s memory. Ryu Hyun-jin, who was on the second injured list this season on the 3rd, consulted with Dr. Neil Elatrache in LA on the 10th, but no details on the treatment were released until late on the 14th, four days later.

Local media are concerned that “If you have the same symptoms as April, you can return in July, but if your concerns about rehabilitation are prolonged, you may close this season as well as the second half.” Some observers say that Ryu Hyun-jin and the Toronto club, who were recommended to play Tommy John, are hesitating. Ryu Hyun-jin, who was a constant in the Toronto starting rotation, is now “out of power.”

Toronto has every reason to do so. Sports Illustrated (SI) posted an article that highlighted Toronto’s starting lineup depth. The point is that he has a lot of power as soon as he is waiting in the minor leagues.

SI said, “While Ryu Hyun-jin is reviewing various medical opinions over elbow rehabilitation, Stripling has become a fixed member of the Toronto rotation,” adding, “There will be many people who think of Nate Pearson as the next starting candidate, but Triple A has three starters that can be used immediately.”

The first pitcher is Thomas Hatch. He lacked spring camp training last winter due to knee surgery and rehabilitation. In the Triple-A season, he was sluggish with a 6.63 ERA in his first four starts. However, it has stabilized since mid-May. He also regained his power by finding fastball control and change-up. As his speed increased, his strikeouts increased and walks decreased. Only one has allowed more than two runs in the last five games, striking out 30 while walking only six. SI said it was the first option to enter the big leagues.

The next pitcher is 34-year-old veteran Casey Lawrence. He made his debut in Toronto in 2017 and did not leave a clear mark in the big leagues. He has thrown in the Japanese professional baseball team Hiroshima Toyokap in 2019. This season, he briefly entered the big leagues early last month and allowed one run in two games and three 1 innings. In Triple-A, he has a 1.77 ERA in 10 games.

SI said: ‘Toronto Front describes Lawrence as the most competitive pitcher. I recently refined breaking balls and four-seam fastballs with impeccable control,’ he said. “The ball speed has never fallen below 95,96 miles,” Ware said. We throw commands and mix breaking balls to take away the timing of batters,” he said 안전놀이터

The last option is Max Castey. He is a promising player who has steadily grown at Toronto Farm. After playing in six double A games this season, he was promoted to Triple A and is marking 0.77 ERA in 23 innings in four games. SI is an ‘untouchable’ pitcher. The change-up is an impregnable main player, and he can put fastballs and sliders in the strike zone, he said. “The wear coach says he is a pitcher who has difficulty predicting hits.” “I became a more efficient pitcher by developing a second pitch.”

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