Lee Jaeeun, a pregnant woman enjoys her last joy

Lee Jaeeun, a pregnant woman enjoys her last joy

Lee Jaeeun, a pregnant woman enjoys her last joy even when she’s playing golf

Lee Jaeeun

Actress Lee Jae-eun told about her prenatal trip.

Lee Jae-eun posted on her Instagram on June 13, “I think people are the happiest when they do what they like the most. And it’s a prenatal trip, right? I mean, I should do the happiest and most enjoyable thing. Don’t you think so?”

Then he said, “Golf is a pregnant woman. — I don’t know if I’m going to say “tsk tsk”… I’m having so much fun I was so happy. I don’t think it’s too much if you think you’re just walking on the grass!” “So I’m going to Lewandin’ in four months! It’s the best!” Excited! The weather is the best! My acquaintances who landed with me also expressed their feelings.

And Lee Jaeeun said, “Is this heaven? I just played cheery golf without any effort. Wow, even the score… Isn’t that great for maternity golf?”

He said, “People have to let go of their greed. They play without thinking and having fun, so the score is good. Don’t you think you’re teaching our goblin too early? Anyway, it’s really the last landing. Let’s enjoy it! Enjoy it, Jan! You’re going to quit this for a year, right? It’s sad. No! Mother is great, though! I can do more for my baby!” he concluded.

In the photo released together, Lee Jae-eun is smiling brightly with her husband while playing golf.

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-eun divorced in 2017, 11 years after her marriage. Since then, remarriage and pregnancy have been announced at the same time, drawing attention.

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