The goal of advancing to the Hanwha Korean Series was strong

The goal of advancing to the Hanwha Korean Series was strong

The goal of advancing to the Hanwha Korean Series was strong. Back number three.


The goal was specific and intense. Carlos Subero (49, Venezuela), the new manager of Hanwha, expressed his desire for the Korean series.

Coach Subero, Hanwha’s 12th head coach, attended the official inauguration ceremony held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on the 26th and expressed his determination. Hanwha, which finished at the bottom last season, is looking for a new leap forward as it signed a three-year contract with manager Subero 토토사이트

“It’s an honor to be in charge of Hanwha. I think it is a position that requires a great sense of responsibility. I will take responsibility for the passion that I have brought so far,” he said.

After finishing last season, Hanwha started rebuilding by organizing a large number of veterans. “I haven’t officially met my team’s players yet,” he said of his goal this season. I’ve never seen any other team’s baseball. I’ll be number one right now. I think it will be difficult to say in numbers,” he said. “If I have one goal, I want to go to the state where I can grow the best this year.” If players grow individually and team by team, they can go to baseball in the fall and become a favorite to win. “The goal is to achieve the best results with the resources we currently have,” he said.

Asked if he could advance to the Korean Series during his tenure, he said, “It will be a goal to pursue,” adding, “Winning is the goal of all professional teams.” Tim has to go through rebuilding, but he always has to play winning baseball. “I want to make it to the Korean Series within three years,” he said. Hanwha’s last advance to the Korean Series was in 2006, and its last win was in 1999, 22 years ago.

What stood out at the press conference was the uniform with the number “three” hanging next to him. “I was on duty 13 times,” he said. In Venezuela, shortstop usually play 13 times. “I started my career as a leader after finishing my career, but I started wearing number 3 because I didn’t have number 13 well,” he said.

“My goal is to get to know the players and understand them quickly. “If we have a goal consciousness as a one team personally and mentally, it will eventually be connected by team performance,” he/she reiterated.

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