problem with the Shinsegae team name uniform exhibition game

problem with the Shinsegae team name uniform exhibition game

Is there any problem with the Shinsegae team name uniform exhibition game? KBO should hurry as much as possible


With Shinsegae Group’s acquisition of SK Wyverns confirmed, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) will also begin preparations in earnest.

KBO Secretary-General Ryu Dae-hwan said in a telephone interview with Star News on the 26th, “After the transfer process of the club is completed, the board will review it through a sales contract and approve it after a general meeting.”

According to Article 9 of the KBO Protocol, “Members who want to transfer the club should submit the following data to the president and obtain approval from more than two-thirds of their registered members at the general meeting after deliberation by the board 먹튀사이트

President Ryu explained, “In general, if we believe that we can lead the baseball team enough considering the financial status of the company and the size of the business, approval has been made in the past.”

Shinsegae Group officially announced on the same day that it will seek to join the KBO League by acquiring the SK Wyverns professional baseball team. Shinsegae Group’s E-Mart will acquire a 100 percent stake in SK Wyverns held by SK Telecom. The acquisition price is 135.28 billion won, including land and buildings. It is known that this contract will be signed on February 23.

According to the group’s explanation, the hometown is kept in Incheon. In addition, the coaching staff and other players and front-line players will also be hired 100%. Shinsegae Group has already begun to take on the acquisition of the baseball team for many years, and eventually held the Wyverns in its arms.

With the spring camp starting on February 1, there are many tasks to be solved, including the name of the club and the selection of emblems. The KBO exhibition game will begin on March 20. Although they may not be able to wear new uniforms from the first day of spring camp, SK uniforms and names are no longer available in official matches.

“I don’t know at what point (Shin Se-gye Group) will apply for procedures, but it is true that the schedule is tight.” KBO broadcasting companies and sponsorship issues are also related to the club’s promotional materials. I think we should hurry as much as possible. I have to guess.

Shinsegae has already set up a working team to prepare for its foundation. Shinsegae said, “We will speed up preparations for the opening of the club in April after completing working-level discussions on the launch as soon as possible,” adding, “We will soon confirm the club’s name, emblem, and characters and plan to officially launch in March.”

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