What is LCK pro gamer’s favorite bottom duo combination?

What is LCK pro gamer’s favorite bottom duo combination?

What is LCK pro gamer’s favorite bottom duo combination?


It has entered its third week since the regular season of League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) spring season began. Unlike the last LCK, there have been many changes this season, with the addition of mythical items, such as the importance of the championship combination, the emergence of new meta, and the change of championship tier by line. One of the most important things to pay attention to is the champion combination 안전공원

This season’s champion formation and skill linkage have become an important factor in determining the outcome of the game. In particular, the combination of long-distance dealers and supporters has become a key role in bringing the upper and dragon regions to the forefront.

Then, what is the combination of long-distance dealers and supporters that creates strong synergy?

The most selected two weeks since the opening of the LCK were the Apelios-Trash and Samira-Alista combination. First of all, Apelios and Trashy combined appeared 10 times, tying the game with 5 wins and 5 losses. The combination has strengths in team engagement and line-up, and the advantage is that it can increase its viability by utilizing Trash’s lantern skills.

The Samira-Alista combination also appeared 10 times, recording a record of 4 wins and 6 losses in 10 matches, making it a popular duo. The two champions are not a combination that can put strong pressure on the early line-up stage like the Apelios-Trash combination. However, as the team moves toward the second half of the year, it seems to be gaining huge popularity due to the well-suited combination of Samira and Alistar, who play the role of a tanker that can carry the team using explosive daeji.

In fact, a confrontation between the two unions was formed in the first set match between Damwon Kia and T1. T1, which chose the Apelios-Trash combination, benefited from the object through strong pressure in the early pre-line phase. “Damwon Kia, who chose the Samira-Alista combination, was trying to save himself and aim for a reversal in the second half of the team’s battle.” However, Apelios, who grew up well in the second dragon fight, won the game by T1.

Following the two combinations, the combination of using the new champion, Lel, as a supporter, became popular. Samirana Kaisa often appeared in pairs with Lel, and the two combinations recorded four wins and three losses in seven games and four wins and two losses in six games, respectively. Samirana Kaisa has something in common as a late-carry champion, so the core of the two combinations is believed to be Lel.

Gen.G’s supporter “Life” Kim Jung-min explained about the new champion, Lel, “One of the advantages that Lel has is to be able to make a preemptive attack on his opponent with the instant technology.” He added, “There are some cases where we don’t know the skills well because the analysis of Reel has not been done perfectly yet among the current players.”

Meanwhile, the most selected long-distance dealers this season were Caisa (38 times) – Samira (26 times) – Apelios (16 times), followed by Alista (23 times) – Lell (15 times) – Trash (13 times).

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