Song Joong-ki Vinsenzo is back as a deadly mafia lawyer

Song Joong-ki Vinsenzo is back as a deadly mafia lawyer

Song Joong-ki Vinsenzo is back as a deadly mafia lawyer.


The drama ‘Vinsenzo’ has been unveiled.

tvN’s new Saturday-Saturday drama “Vinsenzo” (directed by Kim Hee-won, written by Park Jae-beom, planned studio Dragon, produced by Logosfilm), which will be broadcast for the first time on February 20, released the first teaser video on the 21st, signaling a terrible and hot mafia-style justice.

“Vinsenzo” tells the story of an Italian mafia lawyer who came to Korea due to the betrayal of the organization, wiping out the villain in a villain’s way with a veteran self-taught lawyer.

The fierce and hot justice implementation of dark heroes against variant villains that can never be punished by law provides catharsis.

Director Kim Hee-won, who showed the power of sensuous production in “The Man Who Became King” and “Money Flower,” will take the megaphone and write by Park Jae-beom, who is absolutely trusted with his solid writing and wit such as “The Fiery Priest,” “Kim,” “Good Doctor” and “Quiz of God,” raising the expectations of drama fans.

Actors such as Song Joong-ki, Jeon Yeo-bin, Ok Taek-yeon, Yoo Jae-myung, Kwak Dong-yeon, Kim Yeo-jin, and Cho Han-chul, who do not need explanation, are joining, raising expectations for the birth of a different-scale “pleasure-buster.”

In the teaser video released on the day, Song Joong-ki, who played Vincent Zo, announces his first appearance with a silhouette hidden by darkness and a low warning voice.

Unlike the superior suit fit and sweet visuals, Vincentzo, who reverses the mood with cool charisma, said, “I’m not here to negotiate, I’m here to warn you. Following the meaningful warning, “I’ll make the ruling,” Vincenzo’s sharp look at someone with a gun increases the heart rate.

Song Joong-ki, who has continued his unlimited acting transformation, is breaking down into a mafia lawyer from Italy, “Vinsenzo Cassano,” and breaking down into a “lifetime character.”

Vincenzo is a cold-headed strategist and mafia consilier who has excellent bargaining ability to control opponents. Song Joong-ki’s transformation, which will create an unprecedented character, is considered one of the best points to watch. Expectations are high for what Vincenzo, who will melt his own color and complete it, and his terrible and hot performance, which will provide thrilling catharsis.

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