Nam Gyu-ri’s surgery confession with the agency’s warning? I’m serious

Nam Gyu-ri’s surgery confession with the agency’s warning? I’m serious

Nam Gyu-ri’s surgery confession with the agency’s warning? I’m serious. What should I do? I’m acting in the emergency room.

Nam Gyu-ri's

Actor Nam Gyu-ri, a former Cya actor, boasted a frank talk from anecdotes from his visit to the emergency room while acting as a sociopath to stories after his confession of plastic surgery.

Nam Gyu-ri, who appeared in MBC FM4U’s “I’m Lee Ji-hye, Discovery of the Afternoon,” which aired on the 20th, said, “I had no agency and didn’t even think about receiving the award.” I went to the award ceremony with the intention of finishing it well because I did a lot of MBC dramas,” he said.

He then played the sociopath Kang Hyun-chae in the MBC drama “Kairos,” and surprised everyone by introducing anecdotes that he went to the emergency room by focusing on his role, saying, “There was a week delay in filming because of me.”

Nam Gyu-ri said, “The director contacted me if I could do it. I was confused about having to act like a sociopath and being happy with madness or acting casually. “I was afraid of my personality,” she said.

He said, “I was criticized a lot for writing. It’s because of the role. At the scene, I was told that “To be cursed a lot means to be doing it right.” Later, I felt better the more I was criticized.

In particular, when asked if he received an agency warning after confessing to a straightforward plastic surgery in the past, Nam Gyu-ri showed off his “down-and-out” aspect, saying, “I’ve been warned by my agency, but it’s real.”

In response, he said, “I was scolded a lot when I was young because I was so honest,” but he said, “When I was an actor, I said, ‘It’s true what I said and it’s not a big mistake because it’s my belief,’ and he believed me at some point.”

In addition, about close celebrities, “We communicate with people who worked with Lim Joo-hwan, Lee Yi-kyung and Lee Se-young. Director Jung Eul-young is also the director who directed my first drama, so she is constantly paying attention and giving advice. “He’s like a soulmate and a father.”

Nam Gyu-ri will be split into actor Ahn Ga-young, who is afraid to love someone again after being badly and sickly used by her boyfriend and manager in tvN’s new drama “You Are My Spring,” which is scheduled to air in the first half of the year.

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