Thai Men’s Toilet Sits There Bite Bite It’s bloody

Thai Men’s Toilet Sits There Bite Bite It’s bloody

Thai Men’s Toilet Sits There Bite Bite


It’s bloody. The hospital’s disinfected and seams it.

Possibility of snake infiltration through the toilet drain.

We’ll send the snake back to nature.

A teenager in Thailand went to the bathroom to do business, sat on the toilet,

An absurd thing happened when a snake bites an important part.

According to the Daily Mail of the United Kingdom on the 11th, there are many people living in Nontaburi, northwest Bangkok, Thailand.

Sirapob Masukarat (18), sitting on the toilet seat on the evening of the 8th.

Suddenly, I felt severe pain in my penis.

He looked down at the toilet and found a python clenching the tip of his penis.

When he screamed in terror, the snake fell.

Blood spurred from the bite wound and scattered on the toilet and the floor.

Sirapob was so surprised that he ran out of the bathroom without even his pants up.

Emergency services were called in to disinfect the torn area at a nearby hospital and sewed three stitches.

“It was a small snake, but it was very strong,” Syrafov said. “I hope the wound will heal well.”

“I’m glad it was a snake without poison,” said his mother, who was more surprised than Sirapob.

“If there was poison, something really big would have happened,” he said.

Animal handlers arrive at Sinaphob’s house and still stay there.

I took the snake that was staying in the toilet, and it will be sent back to nature.

The snake was 1.2 meters long.

It is estimated that the snake went to the toilet on the second floor through a drainpipe.

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