EDG HAL Park Kwon Hyuk’s position on returning to Korea

EDG HAL Park Kwon Hyuk’s position on returning to Korea

EDG HAL Park Kwon Hyuk’s position on returning to Korea should be trained together for six months.


Request to terminate the contract by expressing one’s intention

EDG reported its position on Park Kwon-hyuk’s return to Korea.

On the 21st, EDG posted a notice on its official SNS with a message saying, “I will explain about player Park Kwon-hyuk.”

EDG said, “Before the 2020 Summer season, Park Kwon-hyuk expressed his intention to join our team, and he helped him join smoothly before the Stove League was held in 2020.”

“Park Kwon-hyuk came to the EDG accommodation for testing after the quarantine period, but he asked to terminate the contract and return to Korea immediately,” he stressed 안전놀이터

“The team’s management has communicated with him several times and expressed their willingness to continue training for more than six months by paying the agreed salary on the player’s contract as usual, but Park has still insisted on terminating the player contract and returning to Korea,” EDG explained.

“In order to respect the player’s opinion, we agreed to his requirements, ended the contract, regained FA qualification, and booked a flight ticket and sent him back to Korea,” he said.

We also appreciate Park Kwon-hyuk`s participation in the EDG contract and the Scream, and we regret that he could not join us. I hope his future will go smoothly.

Meanwhile, Park Kwon-hyuk, who returned to Korea, said, “I couldn’t even scrimp with the first team in EDG and only did solo rank.” “The team also told me to practice Chinese because I couldn’t enter the spring roaster in 2021.

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