I don’t regret choosing a professional gamer. Kim Do-yeop

I don’t regret choosing a professional gamer. Kim Do-yeop

I don’t regret choosing a professional gamer. Kim Do-yeop Retires after seven years of active life


Kim Do-yeop, a league of legendary professional gamers, announced his official retirement after wrapping up his seven-year professional career since 2014. Ditch the Republic of Korea, Najin in 2014, is gimdoyeop White Shield (najin white shield) by the wondilleo in Assassins, (taipei assassins) and Taipei, Taiwan, by 2016, started pro career.(kongdoo monster) monster head of beans to change the position as a supporter, v3 e sports, been with Dynamics (team dynamics) management team.

During his seven-year professional career, he played in 461 games, including LCK, CK, Taiwan, and Japanese leagues, winning 232 games, returning to the Korean stage as a member of Team Dynamics in 2019, winning the 2019 CK Spring regular season and winning the 2019 CK Summer regular season. His outstanding performance in the 2020 LCK Summer platform led to his team’s first LCK promotion.
Kim Do-yeop, who will end his seven-year professional career, plans to prepare for a new life through his personal broadcasting activities after retirement.

Kim Do-yeop expressed his feelings about retirement as follows.

Hello, I’m Kim Do-yup, a professional gamer. I’m going to end my seven-year career as a professional gamer and say hello to everyone I’ve been grateful for. Even now when I announce my retirement, I still desperately want to play more professional players, but I want to end my life as a professional gamer due to many realistic situations.

My professional life for the past seven years has been far from smooth walking only on flower paths, but I have no regrets because I loved choosing a professional gamer job. After stepping into the professional world, I’ve always been running for seven years, thinking, “If I try harder, it’ll work out better,” and “If I try harder, I’ll continue to be able to continue this job that I like.” However, it was not easy to create everything I wanted by effort alone, and sometimes I felt my lack of self, so I thought, “I guess it’s this far now.”

In the meantime, I’ve met so many teams, teammates, and secretariat members and made unforgettable relationships. There were so many things I was grateful for. In particular, my last team, Team Dynamics’ ‘Rich’ Lee Jae-won, ‘Kujan’ Lee Sung-hyuk, Beyond’ Kim Gyu-seok, and ‘Dokdam’ Seo Dae-gil, who all came back to Korea and worked with me, was the most unforgettable moments of my life 파워볼사이트

Everyone looked at one goal together and tried to be on the stage of the world’s top, LCK, and I was able to spend hot last summer on the stage of my dream stage. It’s a pity that last summer was my last stage, but I hope all the team members I’ve been with will continue to rise higher in the upcoming season.

Lastly, there was always a shortage. I think I was able to continue my professional career for seven years because there were fans who supported Kim Do-yeop of “Goo-Goo.” Kim Do-yeop, “Goo-gu,” was made possible thanks to the support and support of his fellow players, the secretariat and all other officials who supported him. Thank you to everyone.

After my retirement, I will be broadcasting on African TV. I’d like to invite Kim Do Yup, who is a pro, to continue to communicate with me. Please join me. I’ll make a place where I can come and hang out anytime. Thank you for being a professional gamer.

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