Park Min-woo, Koo Chang-mo, Lee Bum-ho, and a contract

Park Min-woo, Koo Chang-mo, Lee Bum-ho, and a contract

Park Min-woo, Koo Chang-mo, Lee Bum-ho, and a contract with the new agency Entussel.

Park Min-woo

Former professional baseball player Lim Jae-chul headed the agency’s “Entussel Sports Club.”

Entussel Sports was established under the sponsorship of Entussel, a nanotechnology company known as Bressilver, a premium functional mask manufacturer. It plans to carry out talent donation and social contribution activities with sports athletes in various sports, and plans to actively foster athletes. They previously signed a business agreement with Entussel Inc. at their headquarters in Segok-dong, Seoul, on the establishment of a “team sponsorship and cooperation system” and held an inauguration ceremony. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Lim Jae-chul, CEO of Entussel Chung Chul-won, NC second baseman Park Min-woo and pitcher Koo Chang-mo.

Currently, professional baseball players belonging to Entussel Sports include NC Park Min-woo and Koo Chang-mo, Samsung Yang Chang-seop and KT Shim Jae-min. Other members include NC coach Son Si-heon, Kia Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho, and golf youth national team coach Kim Joo-yeon. The KBO plans to provide various support so that top players and young players can perform well in the game. In particular, the government plans to create a healthy training environment so that athletes can focus only on sports to find future prospects and foster excellent leaders. In addition, it will actively contribute to the creation of social values through talent donations and social contribution activities. It also plans to actively communicate with professional baseball fans and build strong ties through various online and offline events.

In particular, the joining of coaches is noticeable. In response, Lim Jae-chul, head of the team, said, “I had a close relationship during my career. Now, coach Son Si-heon and coach Lee Bum-ho are trying to develop baseball. We wanted to support you more strongly from behind, so we’ll work together to become a good leader in the future.

Enthusel Lim Jae-chul, the head of the company, has lived a second life since his retirement. “I wanted to show that even a former player can have various jobs after quitting baseball,” he said. “My teammates who were with me when I was a player trusted me and followed me.” I want to give you a lot of help to repay your faith. I will spare no support so that I can really focus on sports,” he said, expressing his affection for his players and coaches. “I want to play a role in communicating with fans with athletes in various sports. “We will not just support the concept of an agent, but we will support what we need for a player we know as a player.”

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