CJ Olive Networks supports self-directed capacity development for

CJ Olive Networks supports self-directed capacity development for

CJ Olive Networks supports self-directed capacity development for executives and employees.

CJ Olive Networks

CJ Olive Networks (CEO Cha In-hyuk) announced on the 7th that it has completed the operation of season 3 of “Open Class Learning Club (hereinafter referred to as Learning Club)” that supports self-directed learning that helps executives and employees develop their capabilities and work efficiency.

The running club, which marks its third year this year, is a program that receives education expenses if CJ Olive Networks executives and employees voluntarily organize a learning meeting and voluntarily submit results according to their goals and schedules for 6 to 12 weeks.

There are at least four to eight teams, and learning organizations can be established in three main types: ▲ task-solving type to solve field-based problems or share know-how, ▲ competency development type to improve work-related skills, and ▲ goal achievement type to prepare for work-related tests.

Until last year, 104 clubs were operated with pilot programs and three seasons, with 642 executives and employees participating. CJ Olive Networks recorded a high level of participation in learning at about 44% of the total number of people.

CJ Olive Networks is a learning club that not only forms an in-house autonomous learning culture and supports the growth of executives and employees, but also applies it to actual work to increase customer satisfaction and work efficiency.

In general, when customer A operates overseas stores, the start-up client directly selects the area and approves it at the headquarters. At that time, there was no specialized analysis system, so it took an average of 10 days to review one store. Accordingly, eight employees of CJ Olive Networks implemented a cloud-based analysis service through a running club.

This service allows you to check major data in real time, such as connection of public census data in the country, crime rate data by region, and store information using map APIs, and the store review period after applying the service was shortened from 10 days to 1 day, contributing to the customer’s DT transition.

In some cases, it was applied to work after obtaining a professional certificate. After acquiring an ADP (Data Analysis Specialist), a club developed a solution that provides insights by visualizing HR data for talent acquisition in the rapidly changing recruitment market. The solution is currently applied to CJ TAS, a digital recruitment platform of CJ Group.

CJ Olive Networks plans to further expand its running club season 4, which starts in the middle of this month. It will expand learning topics that were only applicable to existing job areas to leadership and language fields, strengthen awards for excellent clubs, and conduct programs linking CJ AI centers and affiliates.

This year, about 50% of all executives and employees are expected to participate in the operation of 1.5 times the number of clubs compared to the previous year.

Jang Young-dong, HR manager at CJ Olive Networks, said, “A good company to work for should not only respect work-life balance, but also form a culture of growth support such as encouraging members to learn and sharing skills.”

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