SBS is excited about Lee Jong-seok and IU’s romantic relationship

SBS is excited about Lee Jong-seok and IU’s romantic relationship

I miss IU What should I do?


SBS is excited about Lee Jong-seok and IU’s romantic relationship.

SBS launched “Hardtali,” which was the beginning of the birth of Lee Jong-seok and IU, who declared a public romance.

SBS YouTube channel “SBS Entertainment Restaurant” is the start of a fresh narrative on the 3rd. It posted a video titled ‘IU X Lee Jong-seok, who has now developed into a lover.’

The released video is a collection of the opening of “Inkigayo” when Lee Jong-seok and IU worked together for the first time. The two, who worked as MCs for as many as five months from August to December 2012, drew attention by showing off their freshness and lovely charm with various concepts.

Above all, Lee Jong-seok unfortunately got off the MC of “Inkigayo” due to filming the drama and expressed regret in the last broadcast, saying, “What do I do because I miss IU?” In response, IU gave a bouquet of flowers to watch Lee Jong-seok’s drama’s first broadcast, ending the show with a warm ending.

In addition, SBS launched a full-fledged romantic relationship “Hard Hair” by releasing appearances of Lee Jong-seok and IU in “Strong Heart,” a popular SBS talk show, as well as interviews that included why Lee Jong-seok hated IU in the past.

Meanwhile, Lee Jong-seok said after winning the grand prize at the “2022 MBC Acting Awards” held on December 30 last year, “After serving in the military, I had a lot of worries, fears, and distress, and there was someone who suggested a positive direction.” “Thank you for always being cool, I want to say that I liked you a lot for a long time, and that I respect you so much,” he said, drawing much attention with his acceptance speech with a confession of love, and a day later, on the 31st, he officially announced his romantic relationship with IU.

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