Taeyang BTS Jimin’s greatest collaboration

Taeyang BTS Jimin’s greatest collaboration

Taeyang BTS Jimin’s greatest collaboration. New song released on the 13th.


Artist Taeyang announced an all-time collaboration with BTS Jimin.

Taeyang’s new digital single “VIBE” will be released at 2 p.m. on the 13th.

On the 4th, Taeyang’s agency ‘The Black Label’ released a teaser image of its new digital single ‘Vibe’ for the first time.

The teaser image released shows Taeyang and Jimin together. The fatal eyes of the sun and Jimin looking at the same place and the homme fatale charm overwhelm the eyes. Global fans are paying explosive attention to digital singles ahead of the release of music by providing a movie-like immersion.

In particular, Taeyang, an artist with unique grooves and unrivaled vocals, will continue his new journey to strengthen the genre of “Taeyang” by presenting his first song in six years as a solo artist.

In addition, the delicate sensibility of BTS Jimin, who has a differentiated tone, is raising expectations for what fantastic synergy he will exert.

Taeyang showed off his strong influence at home and abroad as a leading solo artist worldwide by renewing his hit songs on every album. As it has been loved for various hit songs such as “Look Only at Me,” “Eyes, Nose, Mouth,” “Ringa Linga,” and “Wedding Dress,” the song “Vibe” is expected to capture the sensibilities of listeners once again.

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