Is IU’s appearance in DREAM only a failure

Is IU’s appearance in DREAM only a failure

Is IU’s appearance in DREAM only a failure


IU who fits the modifier “superstar” the best. Starting as a singer at a young age, he is constantly expanding his scope to entertainment, dramas, and movies, and is considered one of the best “all-round players” in Korea. It was possible because of the innate talent, passion, rich sensitivity, and enterprising sense of challenge mounted on DNA. Since debut, IU’s challenges have mostly yielded sweet fruits with public support.

But recently the solid road has been put on hold. That’s where the movie is. Director Hirokazu Koreeda’s “Broker” released last year and director Lee Byung-hun’s “Dream” fell short of expectations. “Broker” was invited to compete at the Cannes Film Festival even if it failed. However, the performance of “Dream,” which was considered a savior to revive Korean films from a slump, barely exceeded 1 million, cannot help but be painful. As a result, some articles have concluded that IU failed to enter the film. Even in this stagnant situation, IU is meeting the audience by pushing ahead with the stage greeting of “Dream.”

Then, is IU’s appearance in “Dream” a failure? In terms of box office figures alone, it is true that the performance is not up to expectations. However, what has been achieved and gained as an actor makes it impossible to define it as a failure. It confirms that he has enough qualities as a movie star to fill the big screen. IU’s performance of producer Lee So-min, who is busy filming the Homeless Olympic documentary, as if wearing customized clothes, shines. It seems like a very prominent role, but it gives off a “feeling of a master” that perfectly harmonizes with the surroundings and exudes a heavy presence so that you don’t feel it

This is somewhat reminiscent of Kim Pil-sook, an aspiring “passion rich” singer of IU’s acting debut film “Dream High.” It stands out very much, but it doesn’t feel like it, and it’s very similar to the way it shows perfect chemistry. IU has been extraordinary since her acting debut. He didn’t just stay in a pretty ‘national sister’. He made an unconventional move claiming to be a failure. After more than five hours of special makeup, he visited the viewers with his fat visuals. IU’s perfect transformation into a naturally lovely character, Kim Pil-sook, was loved by viewers.

Now that 12 years have passed, IU on the screen in 2023 is no different from her early debut. Even though my hair is carelessly messy, my bare face without makeup, and I’m wearing a shirt and jeans. As a documentary PD, IU shines exceptionally in “Dream” even if she appears with a camera half covered. In the work, it is even more dazzling because you can feel the sincerity of peeling off the splendor and approaching the face of the youth of our time.

In fact, “Dream” is the first movie that IU filmed ahead of “Broker,” who tasted the great advance to Cannes, and it will be released in three years due to COVID-19. IU’s mature acting skills can be seen as it contains long years of age 28, 29, and 30. In particular, he joined hands with “promotional director” Lee Byung-hun, who attracted 16 million viewers as “extreme job,” to properly relieve his “thirst for a bright role.” He challenged the horse-flavored comedy and was equipped with a rapid-fire line 2.5 times faster than usual to lift and drop the audience. To Yoon Hong-dae (Park Seo-joon), who is always quarreling in the movie, “I’ll talk comfortably because I’m your younger brother,” “Isn’t it normal to live as a crazy girl in this crazy world?” and “Show? There’s no end.” The lovely appearance of connecting the genealogy of “clear-eyed maniac” (clear-eyed maniac) by slyly throwing the line, “I’m making it.” disarmed the audience. It makes me realize once again why the public loves IU so much

Until now, IU has mainly played characters with heavy stories not only in “My Mister,” but also in “Moon Lovers-Bobo Gyeongsimryeo,” “Hotel Del Luna,” and the movie “Broker.” He also played Cindy, the only top star who rarely expresses emotions among the characters in “Producer,” which advocates entertainment-type dramas. Therefore, the cheerful loveliness shown in “Dream” feels even more welcome. Producer Lee So-min in “Dream,” who said, “My life is stagnant because of student loans,” and “I adjusted my passion to the minimum wage,” also confirmed IU’s experience as an actor once again by pressing down on the unique sensibility of life. It plays the role of a ray of light among the many storyless homes, making the audience smile. I’ve never seen such a bright IU before, and it makes me want to see her often.

IU, who has taken another leap forward as an actor with “Dream,” is driving her momentum with Netflix’s new original series “I’ve been tricked.” He is expected to transform into Ae-soon, a “wanted rebel” born in Jeju in the 1950s, and show off his chemistry with the popular Park Bo-gum. Lim Sang-chun, writer of the drama “When the Camellia Blooms,” director of “Misaeng,” “Signal,” and director Kim Won-seok will complete the dream team and take over the global stage. I’m already curious how IU will control the hearts of the public in her next work

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