Lee Sun-bin refuted the controversy over false witnesses..

Lee Sun-bin refuted the controversy over false witnesses..

Lee Sun-bin refuted the controversy over false witnesses, “Is it delisted because of me?”

Lee Sun-bin

Actor Lee Sun-bin directly refuted the controversy over false testimony in court.

Lee Sun-bin posted a photo on his Instagram story on the morning of the 4th with a message, “What’s going on at this dawn?”

He said, “If you give false testimony in court, you should be punished, will it be controversial?” Don’t you want to make a controversy?” and asked back, “And delisting because of me? That’s all I said? “I would appreciate it if you could find out more about the company and that case and write an article,” he pointed out.

In another article, Lee Sun-bin captured and attached articles related to the delisting of the former agency and pointed out, “For this reason, it was delisted.”

Earlier, a media outlet reported that Lee Sun-bin reversed his court testimony 180 degrees differently from four years ago, affecting the ruling, with the former Wellmade Yedang chairman A suing former WYD Entertainment CEO B on blackmail charges in 2021.

Lee Sun-bin is currently starring in the original TVing “Drunk City Girls 2.”

Sun Bin is showing continuous activities. So far, our activities have been like this…
In October 2011, the girl group JQT was recruited as a member to fill the vacancy of Joo Min-sun, a withdrawal member, but JQT was disbanded even before it was officially promoted, and then changed its name to “Summer” and worked as a school uniform model with Teen Top. Since then, articles have been published that they are scheduled to re-debut as a new girl group in 2012, but they have not been able to see their whereabouts since then.

In 2016, he made his actor debut in earnest by playing Lee Marie in the JTBC drama Madame Antoine, and began to draw more public attention as Cho Mi-joo, a member of the team who plays a fraud against delinquents with attractive appearance and acting skills in the OCN’s self-produced 38 Scam Dongdae.

Then, on July 28 of the same year, when 38 Sagi Dongdae was still on air, I saw your voice and appeared in 3 as “OCN 38 Sagi Dongdae Seo In-guk’s She”. He even showed his dancing skills, but the panelists said, “There’s no way he’s good at acting and singing with that visual.” He was pointed out as tone-deaf for his opinions such as, “If he is that talented, there is no way that rumors cannot not spread among broadcasting officials.” After that, the panel panicked with a great live performance. After the stage, DinDin joked, “Then you’ll have a bad personality.”

Considering that he appeared on “I Live Alone” on October 14, 2016 and talked about “Dancing is a personal talent” and “I want to be an actor who goes for a long time,” he seems to have actually decided to switch to a full-time actor line, not a girl group debut.

October 16th, 2016. Don’t eat it on “King of Masked Singers”. Give it up. It’s raining from the sky. She sang Cherry Filter’s “Flying Duck” with Rainy Girl, and the second round preparation song was Vibe’s “Drink.” At this time, Subin of Dalshabet correctly guessed her identity. The reason for the participation was to break the image of a cold woman made through the drama, and when returning, the judges of ordinary women said they were pretty.

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