Tarzan Lee Seung-yong’s IG Debut will make his LPL

Tarzan Lee Seung-yong’s IG Debut will make his LPL

Tarzan Lee Seung-yong’s IG Debut


‘Tazan’ Lee Seung-yong will make his LPL debut. Lee Seung-yong, who joined LNG, will start the game against Invictus Gaming (IG).

LNG will deal with IG in the second week of LPL Spring, which is scheduled to take place in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China on the afternoon of the 13th. LNG, which moved its connection from Chongqing to Suzhou last year, only the spring opening match was held in Suzhou as the Corona 19 pendemic exploded 먹튀사이트

LNG, which ranked 13th with 5 wins and 11 losses in the last LPL Summer, has been rebuilding ahead of the 2021 season. LNG, which acquired “Tazan” Lee Seung-yong, brought “flex” Bae Ho-young (changed his ID to “ho-young”) who sent a lease to WE. OMG hired mid-line ‘icon’ Citian Yu, and TT acquired top-liner ‘Natural’ Fujiaire (ID changed to ‘Alle’.

The key point of the match is the match between Tarzan and IG Jungler Soon Peng Li-soon. Soon, who was called up from IG Young, the second-tier team of IG, appeared as a starter in the opening game against Jingdong Gaming and “carry” Nidali.

“Soon” was seen overwhelming Seo Jin-hyuk, the “Canabi” who chose the Graves, and attention is being paid to what kind of play he will play against “Tazan.” LNG registered Shin Hyung-sub as head coach at the game.

In the competition between WE and Victory 5 in Shanghai, existing members will compete. Although no official announcement has been made yet, Kim Eui-ju, a “trigger” from Prince Seol Hae-won, has joined the V5 after self-isolation.

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