Faker or Closer T1 Opening Match Mid’s Worries

Faker or Closer T1 Opening Match Mid’s Worries

Faker or Closer T1 Opening Match Mid’s Worries


Who will be the main mid-liner of T1, which will compete against Hanwha Life e-Sports in the LCK Spring Opening Match?

T1 will compete with Hanwha Life Insurance, the opening game of the 2021 LCK Spring, which is scheduled to take place online on the afternoon of the 13th. T1, which recruited head coach Yang Dae-in and “Jepa” Lee Jae-min from Damwon Kia, which led to the League of Legends World Championship (Rolls Cup), will play the season as a 10-member roster.

Even before the opening ceremony, the topic of e-sports community was who is the mid-liner for Hanwha Life Insurance. Based on the contents of T1’s Scream (practice game), fans expect that “Closer” Lee Ju-hyun and “Orner” Moon Hyun-joon will take the place of “Cover” Lee Sang-hyuk and “Curs” Moon Woo-chan instead of “Faker.”

As controversy arose in the community, T1 released the announcement of the participation of the two coaches on the 12th. According to the content, head coach Yang Dae-in said, “It is an honor to be able to share the team’s great journey to win the 2021 Rolled Cup with fans,” adding, “We are currently working to make a stronger team by becoming one.” Gamkojin and the players constantly communicate with each other and we are also delivering various feedbacks to help them grow steadily and maintain their best condition.”

“With the highest level of 10 rosters, I and the coach Lee Jae-min of the “Je-pa” will be able to have considerable flexibility in preparing for the game and planning strategies.” We will continue to take advantage of these advantages 바카라추천

For now, starting the opening game is the unique authority of head coach Yang Dae-in. “Faker” Lee Sang-hyuk could play or “Closer” Lee Ju-hyun could play. However, unlike last year’s summer season, when “Closer” Lee Ju-hyun’s main participation was high, it is positive that he is actively expressing his intention this year.

However, the important thing is that you have to make a grade regardless of who you field. That is one of the responsibilities of the two directors. Who will be the main mid-liner in the opening game of the T1 with the 2021 season to start? It is certainly a global interest as well as Korea.

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