Power to ML after Lee Jung-hoo? I don’t need it. It’s enough

Power to ML after Lee Jung-hoo? I don’t need it. It’s enough

Power to ML after Lee Jung-hoo? I don’t need it. It’s enough if we do it like now.

Lee Jung-hoo

As Na Sung-bum (NC) failed to advance to the Major League, interest in outfielders’ entry into the Major League has also increased. Not successful with Japan’s Nishikawa Han.Outfielders representing the job couldn’t step on the ground in the Major League 토토

Then, which player is possible? Experts are paying attention to Lee Jung-hoo (23. Kiwoom).

There is no doubt that Lee Jung-hoo is the most likely player to challenge the next major league. What matters is the judgment of Major League Baseball. How will Major League Baseball see Lee Jung-hoo? The result was more than expected.

Major League scouts had a very high opinion of Lee. Agents were not trying to invest in his future value for nothing.

“Lee Jung-hoo is an attractive player with attractive conditions,” said A, a longtime Asian scout. The term “second Juan Pierre” is used among scouts. It’s not as fast as Pierre, but it’s fast, accurate, and witty. Defensive is also possible in all outfield positions, and it has the main power to get a lot of infield hits. Above all, he is patient. Because of the large area where the ball hits, it is not easy to strike out. Also, I think it is great to achieve that goal well when you set a goal. As he decided to reduce strikeouts and increase walks, he became the same as this season. It makes me have higher expectations because it is steadily developing. I think there will be a team that needs him.

Lee Jung-hoo is a player who has a balance between public, defensive, and state. Although his feet are not surprisingly fast, he is considered a player who knows how to use his main power well because of his sense of base and wide defense.

Major League scouts were also paying attention to these areas.

In particular, he received high marks in that he is a player with excellent accuracy. Lee Jung-hoo is an aggressive attacking type of player, but he always has an on-base percentage of nearly 40 percent. It means that he is a player who plays well. This advantage makes Lee confident that he can work in the Major League.

I have a question here. That’s power. Lee Jung-hoo is not a power heater. Although he hit his first two-digit home run (15 home runs) last season with a goal of increasing his power, his efforts have limitations.

He can’t suddenly be a big shot hitting 30 home runs. Is this going to be a minus for the Major League? This is because Major League Baseball is a competition center for powerful players.

Kim Ha-sung’s quite attractive slugging power as an infielder has greatly helped his Major League career, drawing more attention.

But a scout from the eastern part of the country shook his head. This is how much power we have now is enough to work.

“Lee doesn’t have to build more power here,” Scout B said. The team that wants him will not expect a home run anyway. If you can hit more, that’s enough. Major League Baseball (MLB) evaluates the KBO league to the level of Double A. It is important that we are steadily developing in these leagues. Lee Jung-hoo has never been stagnant. It shows continuous development. If there is a shortage, it is growing by trying to fill it up. Many scouts are paying attention to this area. On the contrary, there is a lot of interest in teams that have large-scale home stadiums. This is because he is a player who can make gap hits between left and right. The lack of home runs can be filled with a double and a triple. It’s a lot of fun to imagine Lee Jung-hoo running as fast as he can in a big stadium in the Major League Baseball.

Lee Jung-hoo can be more accurate if the burden on power is reduced. If power does not become an obstacle beyond the high wall of the Major League Baseball, it will be able to play a bigger game.

“All we have to do is do as we do now,” said the Western Major League Baseball scout C. If you continue to show your current level, you will be able to receive love calls from many clubs. Scouts’ evaluations are already well-known in the U.K. There is also a reason why many agents are interested. Interest is also increasing because it is highly regarded by all scouts. Lee can also knock on the Major League at a very young age. It raises expectations that the growth plate may not close even after coming to the Major League. It’s a very favorable condition. Expectations are higher because he is a player with excellent adaptability and good learning ability. I emphasize again, but you just need to grow up well without losing your pace. “If he wants to play in the Major League, I think it’s highly likely that he will.”

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