“ML’s First Finish Gun Home Run King of Japan modified

“ML’s First Finish Gun Home Run King of Japan modified

“ML’s First Finish Gun, Home Run King of Japan modified from Minor to batting form.”


Yoshitomo Tsutgo (Pitzburg Pirates) enjoyed the best moment since his big league debut.

Tsutsugo hit his first home run against the St. Louis Cardinals at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the 30th (Korea time).

Tsutsugo scored the first pitch of St. Alex Reyes from the first and second bases chance with one out in the ninth inning, down 1-3, to lead the game to a superior three-run. Pittsburgh beat St. Louis 4-3 to escape a losing streak.

According to the Japanese sports media Sponichi Anex, Tsutsugo said, “I was just thinking that I had to hit a strong hit when I entered the batter’s box. I’m so happy that I hit a walk-off home run for the first time, and I’m most happy that I contributed to the team’s victory after the Pittsburgh transfer.”

Tsutsugo, who has become more comfortable after the transfer to Pittsburgh, expressed satisfaction, saying, “The coach, coaching staff, and colleagues joke a lot and the atmosphere is so good.”

It was very helpful to try to modify the batting form during the minor league. Tsutsugo explained, “There are many things, but first of all, I supplemented the details to increase my ability to respond to fastballs and regain my swing.”

Tsutsugo expressed his desire to continue playing in the Major League rather than returning to Japan. “I don’t know if I’ll still be in America, but I want to play hard in Pittsburgh,” he said.

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