Heavyest outfielder in MLB history weighing 352kg

Heavyest outfielder in MLB history weighing 352kg

Heavyest outfielder in MLB history weighing 352kg


Since the establishment of the National League in 1876, the heaviest outfielder in baseball’s 146-year history has emerged. Simply put, the team’s outfield conditions are over 100kg in weight and over 195cm in height. Is it realistically possible?

This is the first time the New York Yankees outfield has won 13 consecutive games since 1961. New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman, 54, calls them “big, hairy monsters.”

The day after the New York Yankees tied the record for 13 consecutive wins against the Oakland Athletics on the 28th, Aaron Jersey (29), the third center fielder (CF), Giancalo Stanton (32), and the fifth left fielder (LF) Joey Gallo (29) were also in the center fielder.

Unless an unexpected injury occurs, the New York Yankees are expected to continue this batting order until the postseason. Aaron Jersey, who threatened Oakland with his 29th two-run home run of the season in the top of the ninth inning of the game on the 29th, said, “Our team now has confidence that it will not lose any games.”

What’s interesting is their enormous physical condition. No. 3 Aaron Jersey weighs 128 kilograms and is 200 centimeters tall. No. 4 Giancarlo Stanton weighs 111 kilograms, 198 centimeters, and No. 5 Joy Gallo weighs 113 kilometers and 196 centimeters. The total weight of the three outfielders is 352 kilograms. He is 5m94cm tall. It’s like the Avengers in a movie.

How did these outfields come together? New York Yankees manager Brian Cashman sent right-hander Glenn Otto to the Texas Rangers ahead of the trade deadline in late July and recruited outfielder Joey Gallo. This makes him the heaviest outfielder in baseball history and a huge outfielder.

When they enter the batter’s box, they create an atmosphere of overwhelming opposing pitchers. Giancalo Stanton, nicknamed “Big G,” which means “big G,” made a huge home run with a distance of 180 kilometers per hour and a distance of 144 meters against Auckland on the 28th. Stanton is smaller than Aaron Jersey.

The salaries of the three are also huge this season. Giancarlo Stanton is worth 29 million dollars (about 34 billion won), Aaron Jersey is worth 10.175 million dollars (about 12 billion won), and Joy Gallo is worth 7.3 billion won. It amounts to 45.37 million dollars in dollars and about 53 billion won in Korean won.

According to Elias Sports Bureau, which specializes in baseball statistics and history, the Chicago Cup has previously played in the outfield with Dexter Paulus, Chris Bryant, and Jason Hayward, while the Cleveland Indians have formed foreign teams such as Bradley Zimmer, Fran Mil Reyes, and Domingo Santana, all of them 6-foot-5. It’s like New Station Yankees Joey Gallo. But Joey Gallo is the shortest in the Yankees outfield 토토사이트

Currently, the New York Yankees are the biggest “Monster” outfielder ever.

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