There’s a little bump on the roof of my mouth

There’s a little bump on the roof of my mouth

There’s a little bump on the roof of my mouth


Q: A woman in her late 20s. Since yesterday, I thought I had blisters on the roof of my mouth or something, so I looked through the mirror and it was red like a mosquito bite, and the middle part was white, so I could feel it. The white part is about the size of a grain of rice, and the red part is a bit bigger than the size of a grain of rice. It’s a little feverish and the pain isn’t that bad. It doesn’t hurt if you rub it with your tongue, but it hurts a little when you press it with your fingers or eat something.

I went to the dentist two weeks ago and got some scaling. The doctor said that I have some periodontitis. He said he was generally in good condition. Don’t tell me it’s mouth cancer 비아그라판매

A: There are basically a lot of germs in the mouth. If you have a lot of tartar or you don’t brush your teeth perfectly, you will see inflammation when germs reproduce.

In particular, it shows inflammatory findings accompanied by symptoms when you are not feeling well or when your immune system is low.

If you got scaling two weeks ago, you won’t see any abnormalities, but if you get inflammation in the root of your teeth or gums, you will get pressure from the inside and you can’t get it out of your gums, so there are times when things like millet or pimple come out. Don’t worry and you can get a diagnosis just by x-raying the area, so go see a nearby dentist for diagnosis.

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