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I have a lump in my gums A woman in her mid 20s


8월 31, 2021

I have a lump in my gums


Q: A woman in her mid-20s. There is something like a lump sticking out from the gums between the right upper and lower teeth (between the upper and lower teeth). I didn’t care because it was there before, but I’m worried that it might develop into cancer later on.

I don’t have any pain and I don’t have any symptoms of self-awareness, so is it better to get a thorough examination? What department should I go to if I have to visit the hospital?

A: If you visit a general hospital and get a biopsy, you’ll see what a lump is in your gums. The more frightening the disease, the less self-aware it is. Go to the hospital for a checkup as soon as possible.

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