Samurai Japan Still Has Mission to Win Tokyo Olympics

Samurai Japan Still Has Mission to Win Tokyo Olympics

Samurai Japan Still Has Mission to Win Tokyo Olympics Let’s Help Amateur


Japan’s national baseball team, which took the top spot at the Tokyo Olympics for the first time, held a special charity auction.

“Samurai Japan held an unusually signed uniform charity auction for amateur baseball,” Sports Hochi said on Monday. The entire proceeds, minus the expenses, were donated to organizations suffering from the coronavirus. “It was also the last event hosted by Samurai Japan under manager Atsunori Inaba.”

Japan beat the U.S. 2-0 in the baseball final at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday to take the top spot. the first Olympic victory in history Since the 1984 LA Olympics, when baseball was introduced as a demonstration sport, it has repeatedly suffered hardships, but it has given joy to its citizens who use baseball as their national flag by winning the competition as the host country.

It was a very impressive Japan as it prepared for the Tokyo Olympics for a long time. In recent years, the national team has been called to practice every year to win the championship, and Japan, which has thoroughly conducted an all-out analysis of each country, has topped the list with its overwhelming performance.

More than two full days have passed since the end of the Tokyo Olympics, but the influence of Samurai Japan continues.

“There was a final mission left in Samurai Japan. It is the relief of amateur baseball. Samurai Japanese players unanimously approved the idea to help amateur baseball, which was in a difficult situation due to the coronavirus. “We decided to donate the proceeds from selling the uniforms we wore in the evaluation match just before the Tokyo Olympics.”

This is in line with the solidarity of all generations that Inaba has appealed to. Coach Inaba has insisted that not only professionals but also amateurs must join forces in order for Japanese baseball to rise to the top of the world. And I realized this through this competition 실시간파워볼

“A total of 30 pieces, including 24 national team members and six coaching staff, were submitted at the auction,” the media said.

Inaba, who led Japan to the championship, announced his intention to step down after the tournament.

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