MLB Dodgers ace Kershaw took the mound on the 17th

MLB Dodgers ace Kershaw took the mound on the 17th

MLB Dodgers ace Kershaw took the mound on the 17th as scheduled despite his mother’s sad news


On the 14th (local time, 15th Korean time), Mother’s Day in the U.S., news of the mother’s death of Clayton Kershaw (35), the ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers in the U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB), was made public.

According to the Associated Press, Kershaw’s wife, Ellen, said her mother-in-law, Mary Ann Tombaugh, died on the 13th at a foundation event in Inglewood, near Los Angeles, California.

The age and cause of death of Kershaw’s mother Mary Ann are unknown, the news agency said.

Mary Ann, who divorced her husband when Kershaw was 10, raised her son outside Dallas, Texas. It was also her mother Mary Ann who took Kershaw to the training ground and baseball field and cheered for her son in the front.

“There was no greater joy to my mother-in-law than watching my son grow into what he is, a philanthropist, a father, and a baseball player,” daughter-in-law Ellen Kershaw said.

Before playing a home game against the San Diego Padres on Mother’s Day, Kershaw tried to forget the sadness of losing his mother while playing catch ball with his daughter.

Kershaw will start the home game against the Minnesota Twins at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on the 17th in Korean time and take a vacation to see off his mother’s final path 메이저사이트

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said, “Kershaw’s heart will be very heavy today,” and consoled, “The deathbed of parents is too hard.”

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